Monday, August 15, 2022

REVIEW: For You & No One Else by Roni Loren

For You & No One Else is the first Roni Loren novel I've read and now I'm clamoring for all of the novels on her back list. The combination of Eliza and Beck are fire and I could not get enough of them. I adored how they started their friendship and how it built into a love that both of them needed and neither of them thought would least the way it did. They are seemingly so very opposite in so many ways but as you get to know them, they really have so much in common which you discover as Beck convinces Eliza of going "analogue". This allows for them to explore each other in a non-digital way learning their histories and reasons for how they've become who they are (or were) which leads to conflict and understanding and love.

These two were funny and their chemistry was FIRE. And bonus points for setting it in New Orleans and using accurate names and places--this NOLA girl appreciates it. Grab this read--you will not be disappointed. 



New York Times and USA Today bestseller Roni Loren brings the heat in this compelling story of:

  • A woman struggling to find her place in the world
  • A man with a secret inner life
  • An unexpected friendship with sizzling benefits
  • And an emotional turning point that changes everything

Eliza Catalano has the perfect life. So what if it actually looks nothing like the story she tells online? As a therapist, it's part of her job to look like she has all the answers, right? But when Eliza ends up as a viral "Worst Date Ever" meme, everything in her Instagram-filtered world begins to crumble.

Enter the most obnoxiously attractive man she's ever met, and a bet she can't resist: if she swears off social media for six months, Beck Carter'll teach her the wonders of surviving the "real world." No technology, no dating apps, no pretty filters, no BS.

It seems like the perfect deal—she can lay low until her sudden infamy passes, meet some interesting new people, and maybe even curate this experience into a how I quit the online dating racket book along the way. But something about Beck's raw honesty speaks to Eliza in ways she never expected. She knows he's supposed to be completely hands-off...but as complex feelings grow and walls come tumbling down, rough-around-the-edges Beck may be exactly what Eliza needs to finally, truly face herself—and decide who she really wants to be.

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