Wednesday, August 24, 2022

REVIEW: Eight Perfect Hours by Lia Louis


 I decided that I needed one of those sweet romances to distract me from the fact that my oldest daughter is leaving to go to college next weekend and Eight Perfect Hours did the trick. This British romance features the continued chance meetings of Noelle and Sam. It starts with him being a good Samaritan to Noelle when they are both stranded on the road during a snow storm. They go from being awkward strangers to friendly strangers over the course of eight hours and when Noelle walks back to her car, she just knows there's something there but feels weird about taking things further. As the novel continues, Noelle and Sam keep running into each other and we get to know them and see that they really do seem to belong together. They have all of these threads that seem to connect them and yet they can't seem to connect. Both of them are testing the waters with their exes and both of them have family things that hinder them, but ultimately, it's their fear of the unknown that seems to halt any least for a while. 

This was a charming and sweet, clean romance. Easy to read and enjoy and the perfect distraction from my pending melancholy. 

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In this romantic and heartwarming novel, two strangers meet in chance circumstances during a blizzard and spend one perfect evening together, thinking they’ll never see each other again. But fate seems to have different plans. From the acclaimed author of the “swoon-worthy…rom-com” (The Washington PostDear Emmie Blue.

On a snowy evening in March, thirty-something Noelle Butterby is on her way back from an event at her old college when disaster strikes. With a blizzard closing off roads, she finds herself stranded, alone in her car, without food, drink, or a working charger for her phone.

All seems lost until Sam Attwood, a handsome American stranger also trapped in a nearby car, knocks on her window and offers assistance. What follows is eight perfect hours together, until morning arrives and the roads finally clear. The two strangers part, positive they’ll never see each other again but fate, it seems, has a different plan. As the two keep serendipitously bumping into one another, they begin to realize that perhaps there truly is no such thing as coincidence.

With plenty of charming twists and turns and Lia Louis’s “bold, standout voice” (Gillian McAllister, author of 
The Good Sister), Eight Perfect Hours is a gorgeously crafted novel that will make you believe in the power of fate.

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