Monday, June 21, 2021

REVIEW: When Sparks Fly by Helena Hunting


I tend to think of Helena Hunting as a romcom writer and while When Sparks Fly definitely has romcom moments, I enjoyed that this novel packed a more emotional punch. Both Declan and Avery had some baggage that was begging to be unpacked and in Helena Hunting's hands, it definitely was. To get to that point, though, there were all sorts of events--some funny and some horrific--that kept me turning pages. 

The novel started with a completely ridiculous and funny scene, leads us through the backstory of Avery and her family and introduces us to her friendship with Declan via a college relationship gone bad. All of this gets us to the car accident that gives us the meat of the story. There's forced proximity, guilt, frustration, and many opportunities for this best friendship to turn into something else, which obviously it does only to blow up before we get to their HEA ...all well worth the journey to get there. 

In addition to the main story of Avery and Declan, the secondary characters also provided a lot of comedy and interesting diversions and I'm definitely seeing the potential for several of these characters to get stories of their own. 

When Sparks Fly is a fun read that definitely brings the emotion--a good way to spend your weekend. 

Avery Spark is living her best life. Between her friends, her sisters, and Spark House, the event hotel her family owns, she doesn’t have much time for anything else, especially relationships. She’d rather hang out with her best friend and roommate, Declan McCormick, than deal with the dating scene. But everything changes when she is in a car accident and needs someone to care for her as she heals.

Declan avoids relationships, giving him a playboy reputation that he lives up to when he puts a one-night stand ahead of a promise he made to Avery. While he may not have been the one driving the car, he feels responsible for Avery’s injuries and is determined to make it up to her by stepping into the role of caretaker.

Little did they know that the more time they spend in compromising positions, the attraction they’ve been refusing to acknowledge becomes impossible to ignore. When they finally give in to the spark between them, neither is prepared for the consequences. Their love is fragile and all it will take is a blow from the past to shatter it all. 

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