Wednesday, June 23, 2021

REVIEW: Mafia King by C.D. Reiss


This series is going to be the death of me, I swear. 

First of all, THAT ENDING. WHAT?!!!! WHAT.IN.THE.HELL. The ending alone is enough to kill me and then to know I'm waiting until October to get to see what C.D. Reiss's twisted mind comes up with next? DEAD. I'm DYING. Barely on life support. But watch this basic bitch click on MAFIA QUEEN the second it releases, grading papers and teaching be damned. 

Also, let's just take a second to ponder the title of book 3. MAFIA QUEEN. *dies* Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned so all those fuckers better watch out because I have a feeling Violetta is going to take no prisoners. I'm so here for it. HERE FOR IT.

Mafia King was one of those novels that I could not stop reading until the last two chapters. I inhaled page after page like a woman possessed. I had to know how in the world Santino and Violetta were going to make it through the scandalous information we learned about at the end of book 1. It was pretty terrible stuff and while I knew there was more to the story than we initially found out about, I still had no clue how they would move forward. Welp, they did and then the crisis that gets us to the ending of book 2 just takes over. Both Santino and Violetta had very strong (and shocking to no one) opposing positions and most of the novel is an exploration of their stances. Without spoiling, I'll say that I wholeheartedly am on Team Violetta but I also came to understand the tenuous position Santino was in and I actually felt for him too. 

So, as I wrote earlier, I inhaled the novel until the last two chapters when it was obvious that things were going to go wrong and then I had to stop and brace myself for whatever craziness C.D. Reiss created for her characters and JFC, it was... wow. And now here we are, trying not to die because we have to wait a few months to get the final book. I should add that the plot and dialogue were, as usual when it come to Reiss, tight--plot moved and dialogue was perfect; the sex was off the charts hot, and the crazy was on par for what I expected in a mafia romance. 

In conclusion, WTF with that ending and hurry up and get here October and Mafia Queen.


SYNOPSIS: Santino is my king. My lover. My husband.

He’s the head of the Cavallo crime family and the moment he choked my vows from me, my life was bound to his.

I’m done fighting my fate, until I hear two rumors, and I’m shaken to the core.

One rumor about the past—that I wasn’t the first bride Santino took.

Another about the future—a new bride is about to be taken.

Changing the old ways is like dousing the flames of hell with tears.

But I married the devil himself, and when I vowed to obey, I lied.

Book two of three in the The Dilustro Arrangement.

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