Monday, June 28, 2021

REVIEW: Dream Spinner by Kristen Ashley



I'm enjoying the Dream Team Series by Kristen Ashley; it feels like home. We have new characters who are connected to all of our favorites and so not only are we getting new stories, but we get little peeks at how our old faves are doing too.

In the case of Dream Spinner, Hattie and Axl's story is one I've been curious about. She's been rejecting him and you just know that he's only going to take so much of that before he walks away, or in the case of a Kristen Ashley novel, get in there and never look back. It was touch and go for a quick second but obviously, these two were meant to be. 

Hattie and Axl, for as different as their lives and upbringing were, were interestingly symmetrical. They both had sucky childhoods that left them with lingering hurts and continuing drama--though a nice twist as to how some of the family drama was resolved. And even though the impacts were different, both Hattie and Axl had really full lives. And though, initially, Hattie didn't seem exactly content or happy, within chapters she is and it was nice to read a KA novel where the characters aren't really the problem to overcome, it's external factors that they work together to overcome. 

Speaking of external factors, Dream Spinner continues the ongoing mystery of who is behind the murder of the "bad cops", which is one of the ways our old favorites come into this novel. They're all working together to root out the problem and as the threats are amping up, the guys are getting pissed...and I can't help but hope their women somehow get to the bottom of it before they do. LOL. Who is behind all of this? To be determined and I hope that that particular plot point becomes more significant as the series continues.

Fun, romantic, sweet read. I'm eager to see what happens with Pepper's story (hopefully that's next).


Hattie Yates has finally met the man of her dreams. Yet years of abuse from her demanding father have left her petrified of disappointment. She’s already failed to reach her goal of becoming a professional ballerina - she can’t handle the terrible consequences of another dream becoming a nightmare. But when a stalker sets their sights on Hattie, there’s only one man she dares to hope can help....

Axl Pantera knows Hattie is the only woman for him. Yet despite the attraction burning between them, Hattie refuses to let him in. The former soldier is determined to woo her into letting down her walls. And when danger comes calling, he’s up against more than her wary and bruised heart. Axl will do anything to prove to Hattie that they’re meant to be, but first, he’ll need to keep her safe.

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