Saturday, January 2, 2021

REVIEW: One More Round by Alice Clayton


 Shel: I can’t think of a better way to end 2020 and begin 2021 than with a new read from Alice Clayton. Court: Agreed, and what better way than this one? Especially since my reading frency of the 2010's started with her and these characters!

Shel: Our love affair with her characters started long ago with the Red Headed series but one of our top favorites has always been Wallbanger so what a treat to be able to spend some time with Caroline and Simon. Not only did we get to see them older and more established, we got little looks at their friends and how everyone else is doing. Court: Yes! They're all doing well, but the writing is so good that it still feels fresh and giving us a glimpse into their lives in a satisfying way. I was very excited, and blew through it at warp speed even though I was trying to savor it! 

Shel: For Alice Clayton and Wallbanger fans—do yourself a favor and grab this sweet romcom. And for those who are new to Alice Clayton—grab Wallbanger and then make your way through all of her other books—you’ll be laughing until you’re crying, swooning, and reaching for the next read. We’re so hopeful that this is the beginning of more new books from Alice Clayton. Court: YES! I am wholeheartedly onboard with this! She's an amazing author and I cannot wait to buy what she comes out with next!


Reunite with Simon and Caroline from the New York Times bestselling WALLBANGER in this fun and flirty novella!

Simon and Caroline have it all. A gorgeous restored Victorian house in Sausalito, flourishing careers, an eternal spark for each other, and a cat with more attitude than is legal in the state of California.

So what’s plaguing the couple of the century? They’ve got everything anyone could wish for, except...a family.

After a few close calls, Simon and Caroline are coming to terms with the idea that being parents might not be in the cards for them. They’ve been married several years, and they’re realizing it may just be the two of them, forever. Which is ok, right?

Caroline is considering a major career change, Simon is working more than ever, things are falling into place, without a baby rattle.

But just when you think your life is set, the universe gives you a...twist.

Come back in for one more round with Simon and Caroline.

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