Saturday, January 2, 2021

REVIEW: In too Deep by Skye Jordan



In Too Deep is exactly the light romantic escape I needed....especially after reading one heartbreaking novel and one novel that was meh...In Too Deep was perfectly delightful. It features three friends, focusing in this particular novel on Laiyla and her love, Levi. 

While this novel was novella-ish length, the characters were fully developed, as was the plot. It follows Laiyla as she returns to her high school summer haven and tries to rectify the perceived wrongs that the community feels (primarily against Levi). She invites her three friends and they decide to rebuild a family property into a local resort. While this is happening, Lailya runs into conflict with the locals and her first and only love, Levi. Obviously, as this is a romance, we know that a happily ever after is found but it's not just the story of Laiyla and Levi that begins in this novel, it's also the foundation for Chloe and KT and let me just say--I cannot wait. This novel was quick, balanced, and the perfect read for my reading funk.

Thank you Skye Jordan, for reaching out when you saw that I had a snafu with NetGalley--I'm so happy that I read this first novel and cannot wait to read the rest of the series. 

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