Monday, January 25, 2021

REVIEW: Follow Me Under by Helen Hardt



Follow Me Under  is the second of three novels in this series. It continues the story of Braden and Skye, picking up exactly where the first book left us. Skye is question Braden's history and intentions, much to his chagrin.

The entirety of this novel is these two trying to establish some sort of trust and continuity in their relationship while maintain their individuality. While one of them has less of a struggle with that, one of them definitely is feeling a little overwhelmed and lost.

When I put this novel down, I honestly felt some disappointment. The first novel was not perfect but held some potential--potential I hoped would be seen in this second novel. Instead, some of the same issues I had with the first novel, I had with the second. There was a lot of dialogue and plot that I felt like didn't have enough exposition and context and just needed more development...more words. I needed more internal monologues and thoughts between events to round out what was happening and make the pacing feel more balanced and like it made sense and wasn't so rushed. 

I wanted to..and still want this series. It's such a fun throwback to the beginnings of this era of romance that I just want it to be better--better paced and edited. These characters have so much potential to ensare us in their story; they're just not there yet. I'm holding out hope that the final installment of this series really does Skye and Braden justice. 



She gave him control in the bedroom. But is she losing control of her identity?

Dating Boston’s billionaire bachelor has opened up a new world for Skye Manning. Opportunities are suddenly everywhere, her new career is flourishing, and she experiences luxury she’s only seen in the pages of magazines. So why does she feel like she’s losing herself?

Braden Black never meant to fall for Skye, and he still tries to resist a relationship he knows he’s not wired for. But not only has Skye awoken something inside him—he’s stirring something dark and forbidden inside his Cinderella. Something even he can’t control…

The Follow Me series is best enjoyed in order.
Reading Order:
Book #1 Follow Me Darkly
Book #2 Follow Me Under

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