Sunday, December 13, 2020

Dear Enemy by Kristen Callihan


Dear Enemy is a fun enemies to lovers, slow burn that was the perfect distraction from the crazy times that we are currently living in. I found myself eager to be in the world of Macon and Delilah and their history of burns and barbs. Delilah had such a sharp tongue and a quick trigger with her insults that I found I was either cheering her, laughing, or cringing at how filterless she could be. As sympathetic as I was to her hurts, the more I got to know Macon, I found myself equally sympathetic to his plight too. (SIDE NOTE--Macon, rhymes with bacon....still not sure about that name! but I got past it). I actually found that I felt more for Macon the more I read. He had a lot going on in that back story and his current day life was not all sweet and perfect and yet he found a way to brave through it all to push for something with Delilah. As they rounded the curve from their past interactions to dealing with each other in the present, and finding that they've grown and are actually good for and with each other, I found myself just loving what was happening. The secondary plotlines were fun...the cooking was to die for...and I was genuinely sad to see the ending of this novel.

This is the first Kristen Callihan novel I've read and I am excited that she has a backlist for me to go through. Grab this novel and enjoy!

SYNOPSIS: As kids, they hated each other. Macon Saint was beautiful, but despite his name, Delilah knew he was the devil. That he dated her slightly evil sister, Samantha, was no picnic either. When they broke up, it was a dream come true: Delilah never had to see him again.

Ten years later, her old enemy sends a text.

Delilah’s sister has stolen a valuable heirloom from Macon, now a rising Hollywood star, and he intends to collect his due. One problem: Sam has skipped town.

Sparks still sizzle between Macon and Delilah, only this heat feels alarmingly like unwanted attraction. But Delilah is desperate to keep her weak-hearted mother from learning of her sister’s theft. So she proposes a deal: she’ll pay off the debt by being Macon’s personal chef and assistant.

It’s a recipe for disaster, but Macon can’t stop himself from accepting. Even though Delilah clearly hates him, there’s something about her that feels like home. Besides, they’re no longer kids, and what once was a bitter rivalry has the potential to be something sweeter. Something like forever.

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