Monday, December 28, 2020

2020 favorites

It's been a while since I've tried to categorize my favorites but I'm feeling brave and thought I'd give it a go. If you click on the book cover, it'll take you to Amazon where you can read reviews and/or purchase the novel. If you go to our REVIEWS page, you'll find our review.


Ginger Scott is always a favorite--she just nails the YA experience--and Emma Lord was a new to me writer and I just fell in love with her characters. Both novels in this Emma Scott series are excellent but the one below, is one that'll take you on a ride.  


 FAVORITE Literary Fiction (with a love story):

Tiffanie DeBartolo is one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE writers and now I know I am also enamored with Rebecca Serle and Alice Archer.


FAVORITE duets or series: 

Jewel E. Ann was a new to me + highly recommended author and her Transcend Series was epic; Kate Stewart had me on the edge of my seat with the Ravenhood Series; Laurelin Paige killed it in the Slay Series; Sierra Simone killed ME with her prose and storytelling (as per usual) in the Thornchapel Series; Alexa Martin has the best romcom football series that hits so real I die from happiness whenever the latest book in the Playbook Series pops up on my Kindle; and Kennedy Ryan can slay me, heal me, and give me something to think about and All The King's Men has continued that trend.


FAVORITE flying under the radar novel:

Snowed In by Navessa Allen was one of my favorites by a new to me author.



Rich Boy by Kylie Scott just grabbed my attention in its pure sense of no way would this ever happen and Karina Halle's The Forbidden Man had an age gap that I really appreciated and Staci Hart's Star Bright was imaginative and unexpected. All three of these novels were impossible to put down and unforgettable. 


FAVORITE historical romances:

Pretty much anything by Kerrigan Byrne but here's the most recent one I read and loved, All Scot and Bothered + an anthology that'll introduce you to other writers, Duke I'd Like to F:


FAVORITE Psychological fiction:

Alessandra Torre writes novels that I consume in an unhealthy fashion ...and I'm okay with it. Every Last Secret is her most recent novel that I read in one sitting. 


....and that concludes this year's FAVORITES. There were lots of contenders but I really tried to narrow it down to the novels that were truly unforgettable. 

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