Monday, December 7, 2020

REVIEW: The F List by Alessandra Torre


The F List is what I think the community used to call a "clean" romance--no sexy times in this novel--that will easily grab your attention and hold it for a full day at the beach, pool, or cozied up on the couch.

This novel gives us a deep dive into #influencer culture and fame. It follows the story of Emma and Cash, two pseudo-celebrities, famous because of how their images play out on social media, and how they go from meeting once at a party to being enemies to falling in love. It's an interesting contemplation on perception versus reality and how much goes into the personas who are famous for ...nothing, really. And if you take a minute to think about it--what dumdums we are for falling prey to the marketing tactics of social media. Neither Emma or Cash are particularly bad or good; they're really just normal people who were hungry for love and attention and used that hunger to launch "personalities" that would make them famous and therefore loved and beloved.

While the target audience for this novel might be a smidge younger than I am, I found it enjoyable. I was entertained during the initial reading and reflective after I put the novel down. It's one of the things I really have enjoyed about Alessandra Torre's novels: at first, you're being entertained and then the commentary she's presenting to us about our society, culture, ideas presents itself through subtle nudges and interactions and before you know it you're thinking about #influencer culture and what that really means.

Fun, thoughtful, quick read.

Two of the world's most famous people can't stand - or stay away from - each other. 
Take a poor girl - me.
Give her a million dollars and a chance to reinvent herself and you end up with her - Emma Blanton. A quasi-celebrity chasing fame, fortune, and one freakishly pathetic crush on Cash Michell.

Take a rich guy - him.
Give him the perfect life plus heartbreakingly good looks and you have him - Cash Mitchell. A social media stud who has been my arch-nemesis since the first time I made the tabloids.

The entire world knew of our rivalry and had taken sides.

Thank God none of them knew our secrets.

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