Monday, October 26, 2020

REVIEW: All Scot and Bothered by Kerrigan Byrne



All Scot and Bothered is the 3rd or 4th novel I've read by Kerrigan Byrne and she's definitely a one click for me. The minute I start reading her work, I am immediately engaged in the characters and the plot and find myself speeding through it, even while lamenting that I'll be finished with it because of the speed I'm flying through it. This novel, was exactly that experience--addictive, hard to put down, and supremely satisfying. 

This novel was the second in a series of the Red Rogues and it featured Cecilia and Ramsey. From the first moment they shared a page, the sparks were flying and the conundrum was evident. I loved her innocence, independence, and strong sense of self and I loved his in ability to resist her. Their push and pull was angsty and perfect; I loved that he tried so hard but was just so unable to put her out of his mind and that she, too, was smitten. Gah. I'm just smiling thinking about them.

The plot and the ideals that the women of the Red Rogues hold are equally addicting. I found myself intrigued by the mystery of the codex and while I wasn't stunned by the big reveal, I was more surprised than I usually am. I also love the idea of these women and their stories and backgrounds and how loving and supportive they are of each other--I'm very much looking forward to the third novel in this series.

As I told Court the other day, I absolutely Kerrigan Byrne and am dying to read her backlist and everything that comes out in the future. If you're new to her work, you should pick up one of her novels--you will not be disappointed!


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