Thursday, October 15, 2020

REVIEW: The Bribe by Willa Nash



Shel: The Bribe is Devney Perry writing as Willa Nash —a whole new adventure with a writer many already adore. Court: YES! So exciting!  

Shel: The Bribe seems to be laying the foundation for a series of interesting characters, small town romance, and intrigue. In this particular novel, Lucy and Duke’s, we not only get to see the sparks flying between these two wonderfully sweet characters, we also get the lay of the land in Calamity. We meet characters who just feel destined to have their own novels, and we begin to create a map of back stories and locations that will most likely feel like home by the time the series is finished. Court: And these are my favorite. I love stories like this, but I also like writing that gets you sucked into a world that you can see and feel and really are invested in right away. These characters have a lot to them, and the writing is great and really is what makes that possible. And as I say a lot, companion novels are my favorite as are mountain men and law enforcement so it is a trifecta of a series start that I am personally very excited for. 

Shel: And while I’m not saying a lot about Lucy and Duke—it’s not for a lack of enjoying the characters. I did. They’re the salt of the earth type people-characters easy to like and root for. Their conflicts are minimal and easy to rectify and their love story is sweet. But I all seriousness, while I enjoyed the escape their novel gave me, I equally enjoyed imagining where the rest of this series will go. Court: Exactly. They're easily enjoyed characters from the get go. How we meet our MC's is a fun escape, and how things progress from there is just a lovely time spent with this book. I love characters I can root for, and really fall in love with and these two fit that bill to a T. 

Shel: Devney Perry fans are going to have fun with this new thing she’s trying because even under a pen name, it still feels like home. Court: YAS! I agree. I am in favor of this and can't wait to read more from this series! 

The Bribe by Willa Nash is now live!

Duke Evans didn't expect to interrupt a beautiful woman in a staring contest with a bison on his favorite hiking trail. He also didn't expect to see her again after rescuing her from the surly beast. As the sheriff in Calamity, Montana, he's had his fair share of surprises but none as pleasant as pulling over a shiny black car and finding his mysterious hiking companion behind the wheel.
Only, she lied to Duke. She gave him a name as fake as her hair color. According to her driver's license, her real name is Lucy Ross, the famous country music singer whose sudden disappearance has been a hot topic in the media over the past two weeks.
He's not sure why Lucy lied about her identity or why she's in Calamity. And she's not talking. Instead, she offers him a bribe to keep her secret.
But Duke doesn't want her money. He wants to know why this woman is on the run. And as long as the star shines on his badge, he's going to find out.

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Meet Willa

Willa Nash is USA Today Bestselling Author Devney Perry's alter ego, writing contemporary romance stories for Kindle Unlimited. Lover of Swedish Fish, hater of laundry, she lives in Washington State with her husband and two sons. She was born and raised in Montana and has a passion for writing books in the state she calls home.

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