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REVIEW: Crowne of Lies by C.D. Reiss

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“With witty banter, intense chemistry, and panty-melting sex scenes, Crowne of Lies is a total winner.”

--Siobhan Davis, USA Today bestselling author

Crowne of Lies, an all-new delicious and do-not-miss marriage of convenience romance by New York Times bestselling author CD Reiss, available now!



This novel was such a fantastic continuation of the Crowne family series--as soon as I started Crowne of Lies all I wanted to do was simultaneously read it in one sitting but also put it down just so I'd have more time with these characters. And, to be honest, I feel like there is a lot that I'd still like to know about Ella and Logan;  I found them to be interesting characters--ones that I could read for many more chapters, to see how they're doing now, to see how their journey continues.

As with many of C.D. Reiss's characters and plots, I thought things were going to go one way, but they took a slightly different path than what I anticipated. Take for instance, Ella. The strength that I initially saw hid a lot of vulnerability and uncertainty. There were times when she was such a maddening character and times when I wanted to raise my fist in solidarity with her. And then there was Logan--someone who came off as dickish and so singularly focused that I wanted to effing throttle him ... until I didn't because he finally started to gain some sense and I felt like I could feel good about them ending up together. The secondary characters --mostly the Crownes, though Ella's friends and stepmother, too-- added an extra layer of interesting things to consider and just fed my hunger for more of them all.

Ultimately, though, I think what I really enjoyed about this novel was how messy Logan and Ella's relationship was. It was the ultimate story of lies and omissions and lack of communication and assumptions. These two were such a mess but the learning and advice they gained along the way really felt authentic to how messy and hard relationships can be, especially when you're still trying to find out who you are. Sometimes the melding to two people into one household can be effortless and sometimes it seems uncomfortable and hard and these two characters exemplified the challenges and adventures that come with new, intense relationships.

I'm excited to meet the mysterious Crowne brother in the next book in this series of stand alone novels and I'm eager to get some more looks and the Crowne parents and Byron and Logan and their families.

If you're looking for a really good marriage of convenience novel, with some soul searching messiness, look no further--this is definitely a read for you.

Logan Crowne needs one year from Ella.
Twelve months living in his house, holding his hand, wearing his ring on her finger, and in exchange, she’ll get her father’s company in the divorce settlement.
They have one year to convince his skeptical parents that they’re happily in love, and he’s settled enough to run Crowne Industries.
Ella wants the company badly enough to live with a man who will never love her. She’ll sleep in his room and kiss him for show.
Her heart may melt whenever he’s around, and his touch may ignite a fire inside her, but surrender will break her heart.
She’s sure she can last a year without giving him her body.
She’s wrong.

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