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Title: ISADORA (Masters Among Monsters, #2)
Author: Ella Frank
Genre: Erotic Paranormal Series
Publication Date: January 12, 2016
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A TRAGIC BEGINNING Isadora Nikitas understands what it means to be betrayed. That lesson was taught to her in the prime of her life, and when she is offered a chance to exact revenge, she finds it difficult to refuse. Instead, she entrusts her survival to a mysterious vampire known only as Diomêdês, a male who wants nothing in return but to watch over her—in every way imaginable. Gifted with speed, strength, and immortality, she determines that her life will no longer be governed by the needs and wants of a mere man. She has cowered for the last time, and with her Ancient by her side, she thrives and blossoms into the most formidable female vampire in existence. But, once upon a time, like all little girls, Isadora believed in love. She believed it because she once had it. So, when it comes along a second time, she knows that it’s possible—but when you love someone, they become your weakness. Unless, in fact, they become your enemy instead… A MYSTERIOUS PAST Fulfilling your life’s prophecy should be empowering. At least, that’s what Elias Fontana always believed. But, as he stands guard over the beautiful vampire he’s taken hostage, his convictions start to crumble. Made to believe by his creators that he and two others have been designed to destroy a dangerous race, he has difficulty connecting his current reality to the woman he once loved. A TANGLED TALE TO UNRAVEL When friends become enemies and enemies become lovers, who can you trust in the webs of lies and despair? And, when your life is at stake and blood has been shed, how much are you willing to sacrifice to fulfill your destiny?


Shel: Is it strange that to say that this series is a fun one for me? I feel like it probably is a little weird of me to say that instead of how hot or mysterious it is... but it's just so different from what I normally read that instead of thinking too hard about what this series will or won't be, I find that I'm just sitting back and enjoying it. I'm enjoying these vampires (saying that makes me grin so freaking hard). Court: It always makes me excited when Shel loves paranormal, because like she said it isn't in her normal wheelhouse...but that is definitely the best thing about it. It defies normal, and the author can create any world they want with any types of people they want, and NO RULES! Who doesn't love that! But...I do love how in this world the Greek mythology is such a significant part of the story.

Shel: As I learned from the first book in this series, Alasdair, when you enter the vampire lair, you enter a new world that is a blend of fantasy and reality and red hot sexual tension. Ella Frank has created an entire history and back story for these characters and we learn more in Isadora about how the humans and the vampires are all connected. (SIDE NOTE: I have so much love for Ella Frank taking the time to create all of the history for these characters--what time and dedication and research!). Even though we don't have all of the answers about how the humans came to be selected for their task, we definitely know more than we did and we know more about all of the Ancients and their sires. I have a feeling that the third novel in this series will explore even more of the history and relationships between all of these characters and will be even more explosive and hotter than the first two (no pressure, Ella Frank). 

Court: She always takes the words right out of my mouth! We do know more, and can I just say how skeptical I was from moving from Alasdair's story into this one focusing on Isadora? I was skeptical and scared, and so nervous. But...once we get into the story, and the past and the present converge...and all of the characters that we met before come out to play...honestly, it was so awesome. Multiple POV's help tell our story and set our stage, and I really have become quite attached to all of them. 

Shel: If you're looking for a new vampire series that has an interesting back story, tons of sexual chemistry, and levity to break up the serious moments, we think this series is definitely one for you. Court: So true. Each character has their role to play, and I can't wait for Thanos act to come to life soon! 

An INTERVIEW with Ella Frank
  1. Why did you decide to write romance novels?
- Because I love reading them! I fell in love with love around the age of fourteen/fifteen when my Nan gave me my first Sandra Brown novel, and after that I was done. From there I knew exactly what I wanted to do. I wanted to fall in love in real life, and I wanted to write and read about it in books!  
  1. Do your leading men come from any place in particular? Dreams? Movie stars? Your partner? Past partners?
- I always think every character you create has a little piece of someone you know, and maybe a piece of yourself. But really, my men are all from my overactive brain!  
  1. What do you do in your down time?
- Read! Or binge watch Netflix. I love TV shows but hate commercials. So Netflix and Hulu are possibly the best things that have happened in modern times IMO.  
  1. When you walk into a bookstore, where do you head first?
- The erotic section. Hands down. I make a beeline in that direction and my husband heads to the DVD’s. I used to take great joy in taking the risqué titles to the cashier’s and smiling sweetly at them. But now I buy them on my kindle…ahh, some of the thrill is gone because of that!  
  1. Who, if anyone, has influenced your writing?
Well, that would be the author’s I grew up devouring. That list includes, Sandra Brown, Nora Roberts, Janelle Denison, Lori Foster, Carly Phillips. There are so many wonderful writers in the genre. I also grew up reading James Patterson, who I love.  
  1. What research did you have to perform to back up your story? Any research, which really opened your eyes or gave you new respect for a topic or profession?
- With this recent series (Masters Among Monsters) I’ve been able to go back to my first love of Ancient History and do some digging and research on several topics. Some were not so pleasant like torture, and others much more so, such as clothing, locations, and myths. In other stories, such as Blind Obsession I got to research all about Paris and violins and classical music and it really gives a whole other level of appreciation.  
  1. What is your method for writing a book? A certain amount of hours every day? A certain routine? Are you character/story builder or an outliner or some other method?
- Up until recently I would’ve said I was a total pantser (as in writing by the seat of my pants). However, I have recently become an outliner of sorts. It’s messy and no one really understands it but me, but it’s definitely helped with this series for sure. Not that I always stuck to it!  
  1. How do you get past writers block or distractions like Facebook?
- I walk away. Sounds simple, right? It’s not always so. If I’m stuck on something I will usually try and push through until I’m so annoyed I get mad, throw a tantrum, and THEN walk away. As for Facebook, the trick is checking once in the morning, and once in the evening, and really even then sometimes I have to take time-outs to make sure everything gets finished on time.  
  1. What is your favorite book from childhood.
- Looking for Alibrandi by Melina Marchetta. This is such an amazing book about finding out who you are, and being proud of it. I also got to go and listen to the author speak as a teen which was phenomenal.  
  1. What’s on your desk? Can you see your desk? Describe what you see when you look around.
- I usually sit at my kitchen table first thing in the morning at 4:30a.m. when I get up. I know I’m insane. That’s actually where I am right now, and there is an unopened bottle of wine, waiting for tonight and my headphones to block out all noise. Later when the rest of the world wakes up, I will move to my actual desk which is a varidesk! Sometimes I sit, and other times it folds up so I can stand. I love it.  
  1. What's the weirdest thing you've Googled?
- Well, it wasn’t weird so much as unexpected for a woman to be searching it. I write in the m/m genre and considering I am a female I had to research quite extensively through videos and words and also chatting with people, the sexual interactions and situations I wanted to use. Now I just imagine it all in my head and go from there. But you always want to be as accurate as possible.  
  1. What is your favorite line from any of your books?
- That’s hard! Like making us pick our favorite child. I have a couple that come to mind. “You are going to ruin me.” She placed her palm over my heart and tapped 1,2,3. 1,2,3—before whispering, “You’re going to save me.” ~ Veiled Innocence “Before this, I didn’t know you were essential for me to feel alive.” ~ Trust When did this story morph? When did it change from a tale of two to a tragedy of three? ~ Blind Obsession  
  1. Do you believe in love at first sight?
- Not really! I believe in lust at first sight. I think you can be very attracted to someone as soon as you see and meet them. But usually it takes a few conversations to find that deeper connection. It might only be one or two conversations, but there usually needs to be some talking. However, in some books it totally works! After all, it’s the fairytale and it’s fiction, where anything is possible!  
  1. What do you do when you are not writing?
- I love movies, reading, TV and relaxing with good food and wine.  
  1. What has been the toughest criticism given to you as an author? What has been the best compliment?
- It’s always tough to hear that someone doesn’t love a character you may particularly love writing or feel a connection with. That’s always the toughest for me. It’s almost like you want to defend them like they’re your blood relative. But in the end, you are putting your work out there to be read and enjoyed (or sometimes not). That comes with the territory, you just have to develop a thick skin and not let it mess with your head.  

ALASDAIR (Masters Among Monsters, #1)

A DANGEROUS ALLURE Bestowed with eternal life by the Ancient Vasilios, Alasdair Kyriakous is one of the most feared and ruthless vampires in existence. His name carries weight across all of the seven continents.

But he is a mystery to his kind, an anomaly among the self-indulgent. While he enjoys the pleasures of the flesh, he is exceptionally particular in his choice of partners and prides himself on his ironclad self-control. Yet with one look his control will become a thing of the past, and Alasdair will discover that eternal life doesn’t always last forever…

A DEADLY ATTRACTION Thrust into a world he could never have imagined, Leo Chapel awakens in his worst nightmare. Taken hostage by the dangerously mesmerizing vampire, Alasdair, Leo must rely on his intelligence to escape before he reveals a secret he isn’t even aware he’s hiding.

A FORBIDDEN DESIRE Unaware that they’ve been brought together by an outside force and are little more than pawns to a higher power, Alasdair and Leo spend time trying to uncover the other’s secrets, the attraction between them growing stronger all the while. But enemies are watching and preparing to act against them. When decisions that will alter lives and destinies have to be made—can a dead, grey heart learn to beat again?  

About the Author
Ella Frank is the author of the #1 Bestselling Temptation series, including Try, Take, and Trust and is the co-author of the fan-favorite erotic serial, A Desperate Man. Her Exquisite series has been praised as “scorching hot!” and “enticingly sexy!”

A life-long fan of the romance genre, Ella writes contemporary, M/M romance and erotic fiction and lives with her husband in Portland, OR. You can reach her on the web at and on Facebook at

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