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I would love to tell you that my life is conducive to consistency and order but that would be a total lie. I'm in constant flux and disorder. Why am I telling you this? Because I'm going to *try* to start highlighting some of our favorite reads or interesting posts or funny texts of the month...lord knows if I don't try to post these I'll forget all my favorites in a blink (getting old sucks y'all, except when it doesn't).

My September was crazy busy: I was settling into my new school schedule and meeting new students, I was helping my girls adjust to their new schedules, beginning some home renovations, and my weekends were filling up with all sorts of things. How do I cope? Reading. I think I read nine books in September--not a ton but between grading, planning, working, living...not too bad either, I think. Here are a few things I read (all reviews are here)

It's funny to think that our blog and Alessandra's first novels all came out around the same time. Somehow we found each other and we've been proud promoters of Alessandra's work ever since. Hollywood Dirt was something different than what she normally writes and I absolutely loved that she took a chance with this novel. It was fun and funny and sexy and I had a hard time putting it down. I still think about those characters and wonder how Cole and Summer are doing--are they happy? I'd like to think so. 
If you're looking to escape into a story about a huge Hollywood star and a small town girl and how they go from completely disliking each other, while lusting after each other, to falling in love then this is the perfect book for you. Grab it here.

Our very first blog post on this blog was for Kate's Give Me series--we fell in love with her characters and we never hesitate to grab her latest books when they come out. The End Game was one we'd been waiting for and it was well worth the wait. Brody is a college football star on the way to the NFL and Jordan is a college soccer star on her way to the professional soccer leagues. Neither of them were looking for each other, both of them were focused on making it as professional athletes...but our wily romance writers always find a way to get unlikely couples together, don't they? I'm so glad that Kate found a way to get these two together. Brody and Jordan didn't just give us their love story, they gave us some interesting things to think about when it comes to defining success, coping with pressure, and learning how to accept help and forgiveness even when it seems nearly impossible. Grab it here.

I only recently finished reading The House by Christina Lauren and I'm still processing. I don't really think I've read anything quite like it. It's part love story and part horror story and I had no idea what or how or why but I really really enjoyed it. Delilah and Gavin were made for each other and I loved watching their young romance grow and work through the obstacles that House put in their way. This would be a great October read; grab it here.

I still feel relatively new to reading YA literature so forgive me for doing it wrong, but I freaking loved the book, This Is Where It Ends; it was compelling--I could not put it down. Seriously. I read it on my couch in a few hours on a Saturday evening. I'll admit that I may be biased because I'm a high school teacher and this felt so relevant and important but I think anyone and everyone would find this to be an interesting read. While it's about a school shooting, to limit it to only that would sell it short. The four characters who narrate the events of the day have perspectives and stories to tell that many high school students can and will relate to. Despite the horror of the situation, Marieke Nijkamp leaves us with an overriding sense of hope and community. Interested? Grab it here.

I heard about Fates and Furies on NPR on the way to work. I messaged a friend about it and the next thing I knew I had it downloaded on my Kindle and was jumping in. Then I stopped. I hesitated because her style was so different and I wasn't sure if I liked it. So I talked with my friend and she promised it got very interesting very quickly; she convinced me to keep going and I did. I AM SO GLAD. This book is a challenge. It's literary. It's complicated. It is seeped in melancholy. The characters make you crazy and I couldn't get enough of it. I know, I sounds nuts that I'd like all of that because the combination doesn't sound good but it's an incredible book. If you want something that pushes you as a reader, I highly recommend this book. Grab it here.

What about the rest of my other September reads? You'll hear more about those in October because I typically try to read our review books about a month ahead of time, when given the opportunity. I can't wait to share our reviews--we have some really great reads coming your way. Until then, grab a book and let us know what you're liking these days. 

Happy reading~~

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