Tuesday, August 4, 2015

BLOG TOUR: For the Love of Ash by Taylor Lavati

Maggie Larken is a reformed party girl. After her parent’s death, she’s left to raise Asher, her nine-year-old brother.

Luke Wilson has done everything his parents have ever asked of him. A new teacher, Luke constantly questions where his life is headed.

When Luke and Maggie meet, neither is in the market for a relationship. But sometimes life has other plans. Both navigate new waters as they try to decide where their priorities should lie, while also seizing what they want.

In this heartbreakingly real tale of love, Maggie and Luke discover what being a family truly means.

*This book is a standalone and NOT part of a series. This book contains mature content.

Enjoy an excerpt:

Just then, I caught Maggie’s eyes. The greenness in them pierced me, even from the long distance. She had sniper eyes. She was telling me something, but I had no idea what. Lilly said something to her that made her laugh, and then before I knew it, they were both walking my way.

“I’ve gotta run to the bathroom,” Lilly said, literally running in the opposite direction and leaving me sitting in the booth with Maggie standing before me.

“Hi,” I offered, shrugging my shoulders.

“Using your sister to get me to date you…you must be pretty desperate.”
“Not desperate. I just know what I want,” I told her, being completely honest. She tucked her note pad into the front of her apron and sat down across from me.

“I’m not dating you.” She crossed her arms over her chest and cocked her head to the side.

“Why not?”

“I don’t date anyone. Don’t take it personally. Although you could afford to lose a bit of ego and still be good to go.” I narrowed my eyes from across the table.

“I won’t give up.”

“And I won’t change my mind.” I liked seeing the hardness in her voice. She usually came across so timid, yet the little flickers of fire were what really drew me in.

“My sister’s coming back. Pretend you’ll date me. Please,” I begged her. She didn’t answer me. Lilly came back over, and Maggie got up from the seat and stood in front of us.

“Are you guys in love yet?” Lilly asked, clutching her clasped hands to her chest and batting her eyelashes at the two of us. I shook my head, laughing.

“Goodbye you two. I have to get back to work.”

“Did you agree to a date?” Lilly asked before Maggie left. Maggie glanced at me before nodding at Lilly. “Holy shit. My plan worked. You owe me brother!” Lilly reached across the table and high-fived me.

“I am buying you dinner.”

“Next week, too, then!”

Taylor Lavati  Bio:

Taylor Lavati is a twenty-something year old author residing in Connecticut with her husband and dog. She writes both Young Adult and New Adult with ranging genres from fantasy to dark romance and all the niches in between. If she's not behind a computer screen or scribbling in her notebook, she's playing video games, going on hikes, or spending time with her family.

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