Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Texting + Talking Tuesday: Night Owl Edition

Once upon a time, 
In a land far, far away...

Okay, just kidding.

Guess what! 

Remember how we used to do memes here? *gasp* I know. It's been a while. Real life caught up to us in the fall (aka - Shel's teaching, my RN school) and we had to take a break from the blog fun stuff so that we still have time to *gasp* read books. 

One would think that on a Book Review blog that would never be the case, but some of this stuff takes quite a bit of time to put together unfortunately. Hence, we had to step back and say whoa! We want this to be fun. And when the familiar 'ole chest pain and anxiety from stress knocks on my door, I've learned to speak the fuck up and change some things. 

This week though we read a book that has us tied up in knots and thinking "WTELF did we just read." 

And since we are pretty manic (Sorry, M. Pierce...we are nuts. I'm sure you've figured that out by now) we decided to bring back our TTT this week only (until probably summer) to bring you our non-professional (not that we're ever really 100% professional on a daily basis) real-time texts as we read Night Owl

This post is chock FULL of SPOILERS. FULL! So if you haven't read it, exit the fuck out. Read it. Then come back and have fun with us. BECAUSE while we like to let our freak flag fly (and obviously mine is flying proud and loud..kinda cringing over here...)every now and again and be crazy, we do not ever want to ruin someone's reading experience because we didn't have a SPOILER warning. 







So really. Spoiler warning again, because there will be somebody that ignores it. So it is everywhere. 





Welcome to Texting + Talking Tuesday: Night Owl Edition...

Shelley: Yep..97 pgs!!!!

Shelley: And night owl is after that!!!!!!!

Courtney: Wow! 97! That is effing cool! And night owl. I am so excited and scared of that
Shelley: Me too!! Lol
Courtney:!!!! Good!!!! 61 in GS he just asked her dad for permission to get married
Courtney:I'm hoping for not much drama to the finish but I don't think I'll be that lucky
Courtney:I fucking knew it! 

Shelley:No comment

Courtney: that is not good


Courtney:Lol! You better not be cackling over there!
Shelley:I'm definitely not grinning
Courtney:Uhmhmmmmm lol
Shelley:I'm scared to start night owl so I think I'll write my cake review. Hahahaaaa
Courtney:Omg! I'll hop on!
Courtney:We're gonna need to buddy read that I bet! Read snow kisses!
Shelley:Good plan
Courtney:You'll also probably want copious amounts of alcohol lol
Shelley:I just might!

Shelley:Gonna start night owl!! Eeeep


Shelley:Have to stop bc I'm so tired but it's already so good!!!

Courtney:That's awesome!!!
Courtney:What %?

  • Some time later...Shelley is having major internet issues during this. As in..no internet.
Shelley:No idea...pissing jimmy off! I'm okay bc I have my book ;)
Courtney:Hahaha! Sure fire way to get it finished!
Shelley:True! I will finish tonight but am dreading the cliffhanger. Hear it's epic
Courtney:We'll fuck
Courtney:Geez us
Courtney::) comic relief in our mutual internet snafu

  • Shelley finished it! 

Shelley:Well holy shitballs. How the fuck is book 2 gonna work? Fuuuuuuuuuck
Courtney:What what what!!
Shelley:Girrrrrl. You have GOT to read it. NOW

Shelley:Now must tweet/harass mpierce

Courtney:Woot woot
Shelley:Just laid about 100 jacked up tweets on his feed. Lol
Courtney:Hahahaha gonna go look!!
Shelley:You know how I get when I'm obsessed...still have The freakin Neighborhood on constant play (of "Sweater Weather" fame). I'm a freak
Shelley:I concur!

Shelley:This is who s/he sees as main male character

Courtney:Fuck me
Courtney:I want one of those
Shelley:Meee too! Now you have a picture to think of when reading! Lucky!


Courtney:Lots of good stuff on the site before or after I read?
Shelley:Eeeepppp!!' So excited that you get to read it...wish I was reading it for the first time all over again.
Courtney:But yeah, that dude is fine

Shelley:That was on twitter

Courtney:Ohhhh nice
Shelley:I'm obsessing/ stalking

Shelley:Gah. Gonna go charge this up! I need a reading play by play once you start!
Courtney:!!! Will def do that!!!
  • Courtney started Night Owl
Courtney:Guess what!
Courtney:Time to start night owl!
Courtney:That is if I don't take a disco nap!
Shelley:Omg omg omg. I'm so jealous and excited
Courtney:!!! Me too!!! Definitely wanna know wtf is happening!
Courtney:!!!! Goodreads'd it up!
Courtney:I totally get what you mean about the meta fiction! With the colors and the names! Wicked!
Courtney:They just met!
Courtney:Fuck! He is seriously a douche for having a girlfriend! I hate when authors make me root for the cheater!!!! Makes me hate myself! lol
Shelley:I knew you'd have a problem with that... I was frustrated with that too
Courtney:Lol! I can't help but think. Does that say more about me or them?! Lol
Shelley:I know! Hahahaaaa

Shelley:I wrote her/him a long email today bc I just couldn't stop

Shelley:Bc really. Who wants to work

Courtney:!!!!!! Awesome! I love that! I was thinking last night THIS is what we do this for. The conversations about this book we've already had are just awesome! (By THIS, I mean read books. Review them. Find a diamond in the rough(although THIS is no diamond in the rough) that we can't help but share with every fucking one)
Courtney:Can't wait to review!
Courtney:This one is going to be huge when it comes out

Shelley:Beginning my review in gmail since I can't get to blogger here (as in my work place..stupid smart filters)....trying to move on. Lol
Courtney:Hahahahaha! Book fucking hangover huh!!! Lol
Courtney:He's taking her on a date!
Shelley:Ohhhh yeah huh
Courtney:Still thinking about what is gonna happen when she finds out about his gf
Shelley:Ohhhhhh yeah

Shelley:This review will have spoilers for sure

Shelley:Yep!!! It's so sharp and people love it!!
Courtney:I am seeing that! Wow! Totally awesome!
Shelley:I should seriously work. Lol

Shelley:But not gonna


Courtney:Hahahaha! But it's more fun not to! Lol
Courtney:I will regret saying that in a few hours. As well as reading half this book before ever stepping out of this bed today. God I'm lazy.
Shelley:Enjoy it....your school will start soon!
Courtney:True. Sigh. I'm not ready. I'm such a whiner! Lol
Shelley:Me either!
Courtney:Strip club!
Courtney:Karina Halle also writes good depraved books similar to this! As well as a good strip club scene! Odd I'm thinking of her during this
Shelley:Did you see she is writing a new stand alone ?
Courtney:Yes! It's about cheating too! But I can't help but be intrigued! Because it will be awesome!
Courtney:It's going to hurt a lot when all of this backfires huh.
Shelley:Which part?
Courtney:Right after their epic night at his house the first time. Jesus, I would be in a coma
Shelley:Oh yeah! Me too!

Shelley:Now where are you???
Courtney:49! At her house for the 4th, dancing in her room 
Shelley: *Fire emojies*because that was hot*
Courtney:Uh yeah! Lol

Courtney:That's the teaser I sent you once! Lol. I love when the guys start to be knocked on their ass....but I know this won't be at all like that for a long long time
Shelley:Oh yeah....

Shelley:This book moves so fast. It's over too soon.
Courtney:Yes it does! I love it! I feel like it took me longer to get through cake, than it is this and that was only 97 pages!
Shelley:Me tooo!!!!
Courtney:He's crying! No fucking way!
Courtney:Me thinks this is a good one to bust out a TTT for (As you can see...we did that!)
Shelley:Good idea

Courtney:Just when I try to figure things out he goes batshit
Shelley:Now where are you?
Courtney:They're camping and fucking. I still don't know if he broke it off with Bethany but if he did, I'm sure she'll come storming back to town + fuck up all sorts of shit!
Shelley:What % is that?
Courtney:I have done shit all today
Shelley:And you won't until you finish!!
Courtney:!!! You are correct! Fuck!
Shelley:Lol!!!! (Jesus..I way over use this)
Courtney:It's exploded and she's moved and changed her info
Shelley:Uh huh
Shelley: Lol
Courtney:Uh huh. Fuck
Shelley:You are most def not getting shit done now!

Shelley:This part flies
Courtney:Nope. I'm committed to being a slacker forever!

Shelley:I should be reading but I'm dicking  around
Courtney:Rubbing off on you, i am
Shelley:It's this whole night owl fever I have. Sheeeeit
Courtney:I have it too!!! Sheesh!
Courtney:Completely fucking awesome though
Courtney:Jesus Christ he's bipolar, yeah
Shelley:He is definitely something!! Where are you now?
Courtney:71! He just woke up on the porch in his underwear
Shelley:Ohhhhh ..yep
Courtney:Ok not bipolar, total schizo
Shelley:Now where are you?
Courtney:!!!! He's on the phone with mike, after Wendy's daughter tried to blow him
Shelley:Yep he gets manic-y there
Courtney:But then it'll be over and I'll be fucked

Shelley:And paranoid
Courtney:He's probably both
Shelley: Lol. And totally wasted
Courtney:Ahh yes that too
Courtney:I'm totally psychoanalyzing him here
Shelley:I've got to pee but it's so cold outside I don't wanna leave the warmth of my room to go out there.(I work in a portable building on campus and it was c-c-c-cold..TMI, I know).

Shelley:I was tooo just didn't know what to call him other than bat shit crazy
Courtney:!!!!! Hahahaha I've called him that too!!!!
Courtney:You'll hurt your kidneys!!
Shelley:Or just piss myself.hahahahaaaa
Courtney:Then you'll hurt your bladder! But I guess you would have overflow incontinence before you damage either. That'll be pretty!
Shelley:Shut it, you...I'm going!!! Lol
Shelley:Brrr that was cold
Courtney:Heading to the hospital

Shelley:Now where?
Courtney:92! They just got back to the condo in Denver!
Shelley:Soooo close
Courtney:Yep!!!!! Aaaahhhhhhh
Courtney finished Night Owl

Shelley:You okay?!!

Courtney:She laughs.
Shelley:I'm online if you want to chat
Courtney:I'll be on shortly! I have to go get some food. I haven't eaten.
Courtney:I'm as bad as psycho man

Shelley:Wasn't it so good?!!!

Courtney:Omg yep! Yes it was
Courtney:I sure hope he didn't really die. Just. Shit
Shelley:I know!!! Jesus
Courtney:This is a person I want to know! Lol (Meaning, M. Pierce.)

And that in a nutshell, is our reading process and experience. \m/

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