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Magazine writer Jess, gets her latest freelance assignment – can anyone go from Vanilla to kinky in just fourteen days – and would they even want to?

Hunky boyfriend Max helps her make her way through the list, from role-play all the way to a threesome. 

Will the sexy list come between them or could everyone benefit from a bit of spice?

Find out in Vanilla, the first steamy book in Scarlet Smith’s raunchy new series.

Kindle Edition150 pages
Published August 28th 2013
Source: Received from author in exchange for review
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Our Review---

I wasn't sure what to expect from the story when I started Vanilla last night, but I was hoping that it would be fun. That is exactly what it is...simple, unadulterated fun. And is termed erotica for a reason, so be is all about sex. All of it! Yep.. fun..erotica..FUN!

While most of the story is about sex, there is still a dynamic I loved between Jess and Max. They've been together for about three years and are in their late twenties I would guess (though I can't remember if it says) so their communication is AWESOME! I may've loved them and their story for the reason that they talk about things so well. Good relationship they have, and while they're working through this list, they still talk and make sure they are both on board with what they are doing. Mature people for the win = no angst.Yes, they are careful and caring with each other and their feelings; very respectful of how the other one feels...and NO ANGST. All of this equals good stuff.

There are some parts of the writing that are pretty quick, but I was okay with it because I mean, c'mon there are only so many ways you can write the same sex scene in one book. It was a little refreshing and at the same time we get Jess's thought if something isn't working for her. Not every single part of this is glamorous and "oh my gosh, that's so hot" so it felt more real. And these people are British, so I am always game for reading their dialogue. I wish I talked that way!! Brits crack me and I loved the sense of humor and honesty in this short read.

Courtney: 4 stars
Shelley: 4 stars

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