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REVIEW: Wayward Son by Jay Crownover



I've really enjoyed this series of the second generation of the Marked Men series. The children of our favorite couples have made things interesting and I know these aren't making Jay Crownover a ton of money, I am sad that there won't be more, even though I understand why she's doing what she's doing. 

In Wayward Son, we get the love story of Aston and Zowen and maybe I'm an idiot, but I definitely did not anticipate their story going to way it did. It starts off with something completely unexpected and then the rest of the novel really centers on that. Rather than focus on that incident, let's focus on what makes this one so highly rated. In my opinion, it's how quickly these two figure things out (so not too much angsty waiting for them to make moves) and then how the rest of the novel allows for them to explore this new version of their relationship as the adults they've grown into. Of course, as with all of these novels, there's an impending doom type situation that puts some added tension and pressure on things but Zowen and Aston really work through it. Instead of allowing things to create chaos on their relationship, they work together to problem solve and help each other through the things that are plaguing them. 

Something about this novel just grabbed my attention from the first chapter and held it. Maybe it was how much they each longed for the other. Or maybe it was how they didn't let stupid stuff mess things up. Or perhaps it was their chemistry or how they felt like true partners. Maybe it was how they had each other's backs or knew when to push things a little. It was definitely all of this and I flew through the pages, completely satisfied with their story and very sad to see this series end. 


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✔️Opposites Attract

✔️Friends like Family 

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✔️Happy Ever After


She’s the only girl he’s ever loved.

Zowen Archer has been in love with Aston Wheeler for as long as he can remember.

She’s perfect, except for the glaring fact that she fell in love with his best friend instead of him. For years, he loved her from afar with zero expectation. He told himself that as long as Aston was happy, his feelings for her didn’t matter.

However, Aston isn’t nearly as happy as she seems. And by the time Zowen figures things out, his life takes a drastic turn for the worse.

Now that Aston is single and laser-focused on making up for the lost time between the two of them, Zowen is doing everything in his power to avoid her. He’s convinced that if she never wanted him when he was at his very best, there is no chance in hell she could care about him now that he’s at his absolute worst.

He’s the only boy she’s willing to wait for.

Time has never been on Aston Wheeler’s side.

She spent too long pretending to be someone she was not. She lost herself in a first love that everyone, except her, thought was perfect. She wasted a lot of time trying to convince herself that she should be happy when she was anything but. She watched for years as the one person who made her feel like her true self drifted further and further away.

Finally, when she’s ready to reach out and grab the one-of-a-kind love that Zowen Archer has always silently promised her, it’s too late. Zowen is taken away, and when he reappears in her life, he makes it clear there’s no going back to whatever they might have been.

Good thing for Zowen that Aston is patient and doesn’t mind waiting for him to have a change of heart. It’s the least she can do after all the time he spent waiting for her.

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