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REVIEW: The Break Up Tour by Emily Wibberley & Austin Siegemund-Broka


If you're a Taylor Swift fan, I *think* you may find glimpses of what these authors envisioned her life may be like-ish. The Break Up Tour is about Riley, a singer songwriter who has just hit mega stardom, and Max, her former lover, fellow musician, who is currently running his parents' business-a retirement home.  These two have been estranged for a decade, when Max decided to skip the 'tour' Riley planned so that he could help with the family business. Once she left, they didn't reconnect until now. She's coming off a break up and on impulse, tracks Max down to see if he'd come play the song she wrote about him when she goes on tour. He reluctantly agrees and the push/pull that these two always have flourishes as they tour, despite both of them being hesitant to indulge in whatever this thing is. There's drama and feelings and love and forgiveness which all adds up to their HEA. 

To be honest, the first half of the novel felt like it was trying really hard to be poetic and lyrical and interesting and it was distracting. But, as things became more interesting between Max and Riley, the novel seemed to settle down and it became easier to read. 


A rising-star musician has a second chance at love with an old flame she remembers all too well in this swoony romance from the acclaimed authors of The Roughest Draft.

Riley Wynn went from a promising singer-songwriter to a superstar overnight, thanks to her breakup song concept album and its unforgettable lead single. When Riley’s ex-husband claims the hit song is about him, she does something she hasn’t in ten years and calls Max Harcourt, her college boyfriend and the real inspiration for the song of the summer.

Max hasn’t spoken to Riley since their relationship ended. He’s content with managing the retirement home his family owns, but it’s not the life filled with music he dreamed of. When Riley asks him to go public as her songwriting muse, he agrees on one condition: he’ll join her band on tour.

As they perform across the country, Max and Riley start to realize that while they hit some wrong notes in the past, their future could hold incredible things.
And their rekindled relationship will either last forever or go down in flames.


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