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REVIEW: Folk Around and Find Out by Penny Reid

He needs to get her out of his system. Just once...

Folk Around and Find out, a small town, second chance contemporary romance from New York Times bestselling author Penny Reid is now available!


How does Penny Reid continue to one up her damn self? Every. Single. Time. Seriously. I'm never ever disappointed when I pick up a Penny Reid novel and that trend continues with Folk Around and Find Out

Hank and Charlotte are an unlikely pairing, right? He's a strip club owner and she's the town's favorite single mom they love to pity. He's seen as a hell raiser while she's perceived as a godly mom of 4. Very opposite...or are they? I'd argue that they really aren't. In the ways that are the most important, they're very much alike: they're thoughtful, kind, and genuinely good people. They are fiercely protective of those they care about and would rather sacrifice their own happiness to help a loved one, than see them hurt. Knowing all of that, it's amusing to see how much they rub each other the wrong way. She's carrying a decades old grudge against him and he's carrying some resentment for being blamed for her failed marriage, so they're first meeting in this book doesn't really go well. Luckily for them (and us), they come to a middle ground that allows them to work together and that's when all of the fun begins. 

It's incredibly amusing to see how quickly their feigned dislike is quickly seen for what it is: veiled interest in each other. Neither of them really wants to like the other, initially, but as they get to know each other, they don't stand a chance against the love story Penny Reid has planned for them. He falls for her and her children hard, and her old crush on him quickly develops into much, much more. I loved reading it. His evolution from an unreadable grump to a man who is devoted and madly in love with her and her stubborn inability to trust others to help her or be a partner to her to someone who does everything she can to make this thing with Hank work is a beautiful thing to read. 

I loved every aspect of this novel--from learning all about Hank and how he ran his business to seeing what a truly good friend and human he was and from seeing someone like Charlotte, a hardworking and exhausted single mom with such a pure heart, find not only the love of her life but a true support network just warmed my cold, jaded heart. I liked that these two were often on the outside of society looking in and that they had friends in their lives who loved them as they were, creating a family of friends better than many blood relatives/families. And of course, having the Winston's play a huge part in helping these two get together was just icing on an already delicious cake. 

As I said from the beginning, Penny Reid never fails to make me fall in love with her characters and the world they live in. I always finish her novels feeling completely satisfied--warm and fuzzy and smiley and happy...and eager for the next thing she writes. 

Hank Weller doesn’t help people. He leaves that do-gooder nonsense to his best friend, Beau Winston. Hank does what he wants, when he wants, with whomever he wants—and Hank does not want to hire Charlotte Mitchell to be an exotic dancer at his club, The Pink Pony. Sure, he can’t help noticing the dips and curves of her, how shrewd, smart, and funny she is, the fire in her hazel eyes. He's always noticed. She’d probably draw a crowd and entice the regulars. But after Charlotte's messy, public divorce made Hank’s club out to be the culprit—and made her the single mother of four kids—he doesn’t need or want any additional bad press courtesy of Charlotte Mitchell. Or the distraction. Unfortunately for him, the town’s prettiest charity case doesn’t seem to understand the meaning of the words nope, no, and never.

Charlotte Mitchell doesn’t much like Hank Weller. Once upon a time, she used to. Years ago, she liked him a whole heckofalot despite other folks in town labeling him as “eccentric” and “nonconformist,” which were polite southern alternatives to "filthy rich" and "self-centered douchebag." Her opinion of him changed dramatically after he volunteered to be her date to junior prom and then promptly stood her up. They haven't so much as acknowledged each other in over a decade. But a sudden family emergency means Charlotte needs access to Hank’s club ASAP. Unfortunately for her, the narcissistic fancy-pants doesn’t seem to understand the meaning of the words help, generosity, and compassion.

But he’s about to find himself schooled. Charlotte is going to teach Hank a lesson once and for all about basic human decency, whether he likes it or not.

Spoiler alert. . . he likes it. ;-)

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Meet Penny Reid

Penny Reid is the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today bestselling author of the Winston Brothers and Knitting in the City series. She used to spend her days writing federal grant proposals as a biomedical researcher, but now she writes kissing books. Penny is an obsessive knitter and manages the #OwnVoices-focused mentorship incubator / publishing imprint, Smartypants Romance. She lives in Seattle Washington with her husband, three kids, and dog named Hazel.

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