Monday, July 25, 2022

REVIEW: Run For Your Honey by Staci Hart



Staci Hart packs in a ton of sweet and funny in the last installment of the Blum sisters' series when both Poppy and Duke set goals of being the next mayor. In a series of run ins we get to know that Poppy and Duke were high school sweethearts until Duke left for school and things fell apart. Fast forward years later and he's baaaaaack with a ton of ambition and Poppy's target on his back. In their initial meetings, Poppy snarls and Duke feigns amusement, covering his lack of desire to hurt her, and you can't help but feel all the things--anticipation of things to come, hilarity at the dialogue, and curiosity about how things will end up. As things progress, Poppy becomes less snarly, Duke is more honest about some things, and even while they openly compete for the job of mayor, they find themselves secretly getting closer and closer. As you'd expect, some things happen that shake everything up but Staci Hart doesn't leave us hanging for long and we get the happily ever after that we wanted.

This series has been a delight. It's small town romance with all of the trappings of small town life--both the good and the bad. There's family and romance and laughter and all the happily ever afters you could want. If you haven't started the series, now's the perfect time to pick it up and escape into the world of the Blums. 


Run For Your Honey, the FINAL book in Staci Hart's Blum's Bees series, is available now in KU! This second chance, enemies to lovers story is the perfect weekend binge! 
Grab your copy here:

🐝 Small Town
🐝 Second Chances
🐝 Enemies to Lovers
🐝 Steamy Texas Summer
🐝 Rivals Turned Lovers
🐝 Secret Relationship
🐝 Hot AF Rendezvous 🥵
🐝 Sassy, smart mouthed heroine
🐝 Suit turned cowboy hero
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But for reals, grab it ASAP!

Twelve years ago, my first and only love left town and never came back.
How dare he show up now, looking like that.
And? He’s running against me for mayor.
It’s unfair, him standing there, too tall and handsome for his own good. It’s audacious that his clothes accentuate every lean, strong curve of his body. It’s universal BS that his smile makes my heart flipflop, and it’s patently un-freaking-believable that my body would betray me when he turns that gorgeous smile on me.
I’ll do whatever it takes to win, and he knows it.
But when he kisses me, all bets are off.
If I win, he leaves.
If he wins, I lose.
And either way, he breaks my heart.

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