Tuesday, May 31, 2022

A Caribbean Heiress in Paris by Adriana Herrara



This is only the second Adriana Herrera novel I've read and I AM IN LOVE with her writing. I love her characters and the stories she gives them. In the case of A Caribbean Heiress in Paris I found myself immediately enamored with Luz Alana and her Leona sisters. In this historical romance, they're fantastically independent, fierce, and fiercely protective of each other, which has me inordinately excited for the companion novels that will follow this one. The main story follows the plight of Luz Alana trying hard to succeed and survive in a very male world of The Exposition in Paris. It seems like the men there are barely humoring her, if at all, when she has a heated exchange with Evan Sinclair. Things change quickly after that...it seems like I'm not the only one enamored with Luz Alana. As Luz Alana pivots from the male dominated world of alcohol to networking with strong women like herself, Evan finds himself able to help her network, while also seeing ways she can help him secure something that should be rightfully his. 

Sparks fly. Stubbornness ensues. And yet. And yet, everyone who has eyes can see that there's something there, even if both of them deny it. He proposes a marriage of convenience, she agrees, and of course the sparks between them turn to flames. As it happens in all true romances, there are some oh crap! moments and mishaps and misunderstandings, but thankfully, it all ends happily.  

I can't speak highly enough of this novel and the wonderful escape it provided me this weekend. I never wanted to put it down but when I had to, I found every reason to pick it up as soon as possible. 

BUY IT: https://amzn.to/3tL552Y

Paris, 1889

The Exposition Universelle is underway, drawing merchants from every corner of the globe. Luz Alana Heith-Benzan set sail from Santo Domingo armed with three hundred casks of rum, her two best friends and one simple rule: under no circumstances is she to fall in love.

The City of Light is where Luz Alana will expand Caña Brava, the rum business her family built over three generations. It’s a mission that’s taken on new urgency after her father’s untimely death and the news that her trust fund won’t be released until she marries. But buyers and shippers alike are rude and dismissive; they can’t imagine doing business with a woman…never mind a woman of color.

From her first tempestuous meeting with James Evanston Sinclair, Earl of Darnick, Luz Alana is conflicted. Why is this man—this titled Scottish man—so determined to help her? And why, honestly, is he so infuriatingly charming?

All Evan Sinclair ever wanted was to find a purpose away from his father’s dirty money and dirtier politics. Ignoring his title, he’s built a whiskey brand that’s his biggest—and only—passion. That is, until he’s confronted with a Spanish-speaking force of nature who turns his life upside down.

Evan quickly suspects he’ll want Luz Alana with him forever. Every day with her makes the earl wish for more than her magnificent kisses or the marriage of convenience that might save them both. But Luz Alana sailed for Paris with her eyes on liquor, money and new beginnings. She wasn't prepared for love to find her.

Las Léonas

Book 1: A Caribbean Heiress in Paris

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