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REVIEW: Confessions: Julien by Ella Frank


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In Robbie's novel we got the basic lay of the land--what did Priest and Julien want, exactly, with Robbie and how would he respond? How would it work? In Julien's novel we get to see their relationship in action and we get to know more about what's haunting these Julien and Priest and how a relationship of three can actually work. I have to say that normally I'm guilty of thinking of 3 as someone always being left out -- in friendships and otherwise--but Ella Frank shows how it can work. How when adults communicate, ask questions, allow themselves to be vulnerable and to trust, 3 can be a very magic number. 

As with most? all? Ella Frank novels, the steam factor is high but it's not salacious and sordid, it's loving and playful and passionate. As a matter of fact, because the steaminess was a foregone conclusion, it seemed like the story of these men and their backgrounds were allowed to unfurl and develop in a pace that didn't have to be a way to set up a sexy encounter. 

Looking ahead to the final novel, there are still many questions to be answered before we get to a HEA. It'll be fun to see who pops up in Priest's novel --the cameos in these last two have loyal readers smiling and anticipating who will be next to get the Ella Frank treatment.

People are complex.

Love a double-edged sword.

And when it comes to a broken heart, there are no rules, only time…

For the past eight years, Julien Thornton has been living with a secret. One that only a handful of people know about.

To the outside world, he has it all.

A thriving career. A loving husband. And a face that the American public fell for by the millions, on a reality show that inadvertently saved his life.

But behind the shine of celebrity, behind the easygoing nature, a crippling truth fills Julien with pain and self-loathing. It’s a truth that he fights to overcome daily with the help of his husband, Joel Priestley, and now their boyfriend, Robbie Bianchi.

But unlike Priest, Robbie doesn’t know what he’s helping Julien to fight. He doesn’t know what Julien did all those years ago. And with the anniversary of his sister’s death fast approaching, the time for explanations is running out.

And thus the question: will the princess be able to forgive the prick as the priest once did?

Only time will tell.


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