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REVIEW: Pieces of Eight by Whitney Barbetti

Release Date: May 9, 2018
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 At the ending of  Six Feet Under we all knew that the beginning of this novel would hurt/suck, and it did. It really did. I wanted that part over with quickly but Whitney Barbetti knows better than I do and she did not have mercy--she had the characters do what they needed to do--to feel all the suckage and to deal with those things. But even in all the hurt, I couldn't help feeling the undercurrent of hope that started seeping its way through. 

Before I go into that though, let me just say that this book, this duet, got under my skin so bad. It made me feel such a range of emotions--many of them so raw and angry and sorrowful--and yet never once did I want to put it down or walk away from it. As a matter of fact, I wanted to dive into it even more. I wanted to understand Mira. I wanted to tell her I understood, that I'd felt many of the same things. I wanted to take the ache away and bear her burden for her. 

I also wanted to be frustrated or whatever about the way this second novel progressed because I'd felt so angsty by the end of the first novel and I wanted my HEA IMMEDIATELY DAMMIT, but I'm so glad that Whitney Barbetti put the time and effort in developing Mira in Pieces of Eight. As much as I wanted a quick HEA, I really needed to see Mira's growth, her honesty, and her perfectly imperfect journey. It was in her growth that I saw the hope, the lightness co-mingling with the darkness, the strength that kept showing up page after page after page.

Whitney Barbetti, I know writing this novel had to be such an emotional experience and I thank you so much for every ounce of attention and emotion you pored into it.


Six was always there, even when I didn’t want him.
But he couldn’t hold me together, and I couldn’t be his penance. Loss is a phantom limb. No one can see it, but the ache torments you in the night, distracts you during the day, and leaves you fragmented. I’m half a heart, half a soul, and nothing could cure the pieces he’d left behind. Losing him was safer than loving him. Because the love that kept us coming back again and again was nothing short of madness. But then, isn't mad love the most honest?



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Whitney Barbetti is really, truly awful at writing in the third person, so we're just going to change this bio up a bit and write it as first person.
I am married with two boys. When I'm not changing diapers or cutting food into tiny bites, I escape to Starbucks for hours. My blood pressure actually drops the moment I walk in, hear the baristas call my name, and inhale the aroma of coffee beans. And I don't even like coffee. I love music and have a playlist for everything. Queen is my very favorite. I like watching creepy shows when I am home alone but then I instantly regret them once my mind starts breeding irrational fears. I try to channel my fears into my books as a way to cope. I have about 20 bacon things in my fridge.  

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