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REVIEW + GIVEAWAY: Addicted by Alex Lucian


You know, I've heard a lot about Alex Lucian. I've heard things about Lucian's prose, characters, plot, and heat factor. I've seen lots of enthusiasm for each new book that's been released. I've seen the hot af covers. I've been very curious: Would the content match what I'd heard? Would I be the newest person on the Lucian bandwagon or wildly disappointed? 

Until Addicted we were overbooked with reading and reviews so I would buy the newest book and shelve it in the hopes of getting to it eventually...and finally, FINALLY, our schedules opened up and we had a chance to read an Alex Lucian novel and see what this writer's work was all about. 

First, if you're in our same situation and haven't read any of the books in this series, you're in luck! You can pick up Addicted and you won't really be spoiled for the first three books annnnnd you won't feel lost about what's going on in with the characters (Ruby and Elias). Addicted is a complete stand alone.

Second, I can confirm that the heat factor between Ruby and Elias is ..*fans self* hotter than hot. It's everything you've heard. So if you're looking for something that is sexy, this is a really good choice.

Everything else that I've heard was accurate as well: the prose was really clean, the characters were interesting, and the plot was fairly low angst but with enough conflict that you were curious about how an escort (Ruby) and her client (Elias) would ever make the transition from a business relationship to a personal one. 

I think what made this an interesting journey wasn't so much the 'what'--we all know in this genre that we're going to end up with a version of HEA--it's the why and the how they were in this situation that kept me reading. The 'why' for Ruby was pretty straightforward; the 'why' for Elias was more complex and while I 'got ' it, I'd love to know even more about him (and this may be where not having read the first three books would've helped). The 'how' they transitioned from one type of relationship to another was what made this fun (see the sexiness I mentioned before); their chemistry was really fun to read as was the way they got to know and love each other. 

Now that I've broken the seal on my first Alex Lucian read, I'm definitely interested in going back to the beginning to see what I've missed and if that's not an endorsement of Lucian's writing, I don't know what is? Grab this sexy new read; we don't think you'll regret it.

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Addiction: the state of being enslaved to a habit or practice or to something that is psychologically or physically habit-forming. 

Ruby was sin and sex.  

The ultimate indulgence and worth every penny she cost me. I paid for her body, but didn't know she'd end up embedded in my soul.  

Elias was dark and tempting. 

Unmatched in intensity and passion compared to my other clients. He handed me cash in exchange for my touch, and he dug himself into my heart instead.  

Money changes things, firms up the lines of a relationship. But when it becomes an addictionan all-consuming, life-changing addictionthe lines are completely obliterated.  

I laughed under my breath before stepping forward and punching the emergency stop button on the elevator.
“What are you doing?” she asked, her eyes wide in her face. Her pale face. Ever since that douche stepped into her space, all the color had been sucked from her skin.
Which is how I knew she was fucking lying to me.
No former client would have given her that kind of reaction. That guy knew her. And not just biblically, but definitely that too, given the crazy-ass gleam in his eyes when he looked at her.
When I didn’t answer right away, she fidgeted, crossing her arms over her stomach and then letting them drop again. Then she swept a hand through her hair, making sure the curls were still laying over one shoulder.
“Beck and call, right?” I rasped out, leaning my shoulder against the wall of the elevator.
“You. You’re at my beck and call for these thirty days, right? This being day one.”
She mimicked me, leaning her shoulder against the opposite wall, essentially facing off with me in the small space. “That’s right. Do we need to discuss this now?”
There was a slight edge to her voice that I’d never heard before, and I wasn’t ashamed in the slightest to say that it hardened me even further. “Why not?”
“Because I prefer not to have business discussions when I’m in a box that’s suspended sixteen floors above the ground.”
“We’re not going to have a discussion.” I straightened, undoing my belt. Her eyes tracked the slow movements of my hands.
“I’m not having sex in this elevator.”
“No, you’re not.” I raised one eyebrow, and lifted my chin at her. “You’re going to get on your knees for me. I want to know what your lipstick looks like on my dick.”
Alex Lucian is an author living on the eastern coast of the United States who appreciates being anonymous, for personal and professional reasons. Tempting is Alex's first novel.

Tempting (The Tempting Series: Book 1)
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Beguiling (The Tempting Series: Book Two)
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Provocative (The Tempting Series: Book Three) 
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