Thursday, August 18, 2016

REVIEW: Not About Love by Hilaria Alexander

If you've been paying attention..and you have, haven't you? You know I devoured This Love and Not About Love in one weekend. I could not get enough of the characters Hilaria Alexander was creating. If you haven't read either of these novels, I definitely recommend reading them back to back because they really are quite different.

Where This Love was straightforward plot-wise, Not About Love weaves from present to past to tell us the story of Ally and Boyd (these names!!). Where This Love Ella is the one who is really fighting her feelings in this one both Ally and Boyd are in denial. In This Love Ella is trying to find her way and establish herself and in Not About Love these two are successful in everything but love. As a matter of fact they've both been burned so badly that they're really not about love at all (you see what I did there? It's officialy. I'm a huge dork).

 This Love felt so raw and emotional and I loved every second of it but I'm so glad that Not About Love had a different feel; it has humorous banter and sexual tension and you just want them to hurry up already and figure their shit out. But noooo. They're both insistent that this is just a fun fling. Forget that they're suppressing major feelings for each other. Feelings? Pshhhh. Nah. Not feelings. In other words: Gahhhhh. These two made me laugh and want to strangle them both. As things turn a corner and Boyd takes baby steps to being the guy we want him to be, I really started to like him--though he somehow managed to keep fucking it up. But fortunately, Ally is so strong; she keeps forgiving and she's understanding and I so enjoyed her opening herself up to him--or just life and love in general. I guess what I'm trying to say here is that as much as I enjoyed This Love and the way Lou and Ella's story was expressed, I equally enjoyed the push and pull and chemistry of Ally and Boyd.

And, as much as I liked watching them figure things out--and I really did love their friendship turning into a courtship--I just swooned at the ending. The ending was just what I wanted to read but of course that leads me to one final thought: Please Hilaria give me more. A bonus with all of them or something. I need more! I'm so sad to that this is the last look I'll have of them. Holiday bonus? YES. Extra chapter on your website? Sure. I'll take whatever you have.



Strong and independent,
Wrong for each other in every way.
But the heat, the passion, the pull.
When we were together,
The chaos turned to desire,
I was his.
He was mine.
For the time-being.
Different countries.
Different worlds.
Just sex.
No strings attached.
That's how Boyd Rivers wanted it.
And exactly how I liked it.

But sometimes, fate has other plans...
Can it really be not about love?

Not About Love is the second book in the "This Love" series, but can be read as a standalone.

Find out more about Hilaria Alexander here:

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