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Best friends since they could walk. In love since the age of fourteen. Complete strangers since this morning.

He'll do anything to remember. She'll do anything to forget.

Kindle Edition, 140 pages
Published January 8th 2015 by Hoover Ink
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*****WARNING: f-bombs and spoilery speculation below....


Shel: I'm sorry but what the fuckitidy FUCK FUCK did I just read? WHAT THE FUCK. And just for funsies...WHAT THE EVERLOVING FUCK?!! Court: OMG, I love when things make you react this way Shel. LOVE it. Because, you know what...I'm reacting that way too. There is so many things that I am in love with right now. I just can't even... (haha. Sorry for haters of that expression, not sorry). 

Shel: Okay, now that I've gotten that out of the way I *think* I can discuss the book. Court: Deep yoga breathe in. Hold it. Okay. Go. 

Shel: I started this book a few days after it hit ereaders across the world; I wasn't quite sure what to expect though I'd seen a wide variety of reactions . What I did know was that with Tarryn Fisher and Colleen Hoover collaborating it would have my attention.. and it most certainly did. Court: Right. I just wanted to join the discussion because it has prompted so many serious reactions! I love when a book does that, whether you go on to love or hate it. I am a newbie to Tarryn, though I already love...and a veteran for Colleen...the magic is happening with these two, y'all. 

Shel: This is where we'd normally recount important plot details while trying not to repeat the synopsis all the while attempting to make it interesting and engaging for you. I WON'T DO THAT TODAY. Why? Because to try to even begin to unravel the ball of clusterfuck of clues and nonclues, motivations, and all of the things we DO NOT KNOW would be an infuriating experience and one that you don't want to read. I PROMISE. Instead, I'll compile a list of random things I thought as I was reading it. Court: Hahaha. Yes. I think that this is one that you should check out like we did. WIth curiosity. Not knowing a lot. I do think you should have somewhat of an interest in paranormal things, because that is how I am classifying what is going on right now. I may be wrong, later...but there is something fishy afoot, and I am dying to figure it out. 

  • Shel: Thank you baby jesus and all of the angels in heaven for not writing awful southern sounding dialog. Nothing is worse for a southerner than that. Court: Dude. NOLA bred, over there. Don't fuck with her on this. It was great. 
  • Shel: Thank you for not making New Orleans a caricature of herself. As a New Orleans girl, I do not take kindly to my home being mocked. Court: See above
>>>>>> ..the fuckery....well here are some things that I pondered..<<<<<<<
  • Shel: Was anyone else screaming at their book to Silas to check his fucking camera?!! CLUES. There could be clues. Why aren't you checking the camera? Court: OMG. I missed that clue. Shit. You're right. He sure is holding that thing a lot. 
  • Shel: And what else have they squirreled away in that mysterious box in his room? Court: I love all of these elements to the people they were. I need to know. 
  • Shel: And that fucking gate?! Court: Means something, I'm sure.
  • Shel: And her dream? Court: "  " 
  • Shel: And the fairy tale mentions? Court: Modern, never before seen, epic fairytale-ness afoot. I love it. Did I mention I love it. 
  • Shel: And that file? Court: I predict...something.
  • Shel: And the siblings? Court: All these poor kids, yo. 
  • Shel: And the fucking counselor and Brian? (<--- see what I did there? heh heh heh) Court: I do. Because, fucking hell. These two. 
  • Shel: And the tarot reading? Court: MEANS SOMETHING.
Shel: ..I could really do this all day. SO MANY QUESTIONS, you many questions.

.....................the things I appreciated.....................

  • Shel: I liked that I couldn't figure it out. Too often books are predictable; in this Never Never I kept hoarding clues and highlighting chunks of text hoping against hope that I'd put it all together..and NOPE, I didn't. Court: I need to read again and take notes. Though, I will come up with squat for revelations. 
  • Shel: I liked that their writing seemed seamless. There were a few times that I could feel the writing shift from writer to writer but it was a subtle thing (and honestly could've been my imagination as I'm a fan of both of them but I haven't reread everything they've written a gazillion times) Court: I didn't notice. Though part of my reading was done on a treadmill where I was trying not to, that might have something to do with my attention to subtlety. 
  • Shel: I liked that for a short novel it felt more rounded out than you'd expect. Court: Ditto
  • Shel: I liked how Charlie and Silas were characterized--he seemed to be softer and she seemed to have more restraint, sharper edges and flipping the male/female stereotypes worked for me. Court: Charlie is a damned wild card. And I like it too. 
  • Shel: The secondary characters were interesting and had me curious as well...SO MANY QUESTIONS. Court: Their parents. Their siblings. Their friends. Dude. 

  • Shel: If we're leaning towards fantasy-ish, then I'd say voodoo or some sort of 'black' magic type thing is going on here Court: Untapped market, IMO.
  • Shel: If we're leaning towards reality, maybe it's a drug or perhaps even a dream? Court: Umm...Something to do with their father's company, maybe?
  • Shel: Conspiracy THEORY--the dads did this for some nutso reason. Court: I buy this. Hubs is currently watching the flash, and those parents on CW shows do some wild shit to their why not, right. 
Shel: But why? How?

Shel: The why maybe be a little easier-- 

  • Shel: I noticed both Silas and Charlie (especially) have a distaste for who they appeared to be before all of this happened and maybe they wanted to find a way to be rid of those parts of them? Maybe return to the simplicity of a younger, more innocent love? Court: I think most people probably have a distaste for who they were before. I mean, could these two be any more dysfunctional? You know what, I shouldn't have even put that into writing, because...shee-it. Yes, they can. 
  • Shel: Maybe it was supposed to be a fun thing--like an acid trip--and they can't come back from it? Court: Eh, I'm not so sure.
  • Shel: Maybe they are puppets and being controlled by an outsider (see above) Court: Hahaha. 
  • Court: Maybe it's the literary form of Bill Murray's Groundhog's Day Court: Not that easy. 
Shel: Whether I'm right or wrong or somewhere in between, I think what I really loved is that people are talking about this book and I love book talk. I can't wait to see what happens in book 2 which is now available for pre-order: Court: Dude. This got me excited. Giddy. Twitterpated - no, seriously, I'm a tweeting fool right now. I cannot wait for the next installment, but I for one loved the end. Loved the questions. Loved the love story, that we are discovering piece by agonizing piece. This love story went way off track, but...gimme me girls, gimme more.

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