Wednesday, February 4, 2015

#DiversifyOurBooks: A Book + a Nook with Diversity

What do we want? 

More diversity in our reading.

When do we want it? 


And...we've found some books that fit the bill! But...what does this mean, exactly???

We classify diversity in our reading by characters that might be different than the usual white, middle class, exceptionally fit and toned people. What about people of different races, sexuality, disability, and ways of thinking? What makes these people tick? Getting it in the mainstream arena to go toe to toe with the established status quo.

Don't fix what isn't broken you say? Well....let's switch things up. Dig into new religions. Dig into feminism, and masochism, and anything and everything in between.

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WEEK 1: A Fighting Chance by A.J. Sand.

This month is Black History Month, so our feature review is a novel with African American lead characters. We love A.J. Sand, and we love that Jesse and Drew are strong protagonists who get in way, way, way, over their heads with some bad, bad, bad people.

You can read our full review here but what I would like to discuss today is covers, and how people perceive the cover can alter their perception of the book and the characters, and ultimately the message. 

Take this cover. I see a beautiful man. A beautifully muscled man, who is just begging for us to find out all of his flaws and machinations in this book. But, what would you think if I told you people assumed this man might be white, and were displeased with the book then portraying a black man as the hero who sets out to help his family, and win back the girl he lost long ago? 

Hold the phone! What! 

It happened. And probably is still happening, and that is a shame. 

Let us embrace this book. And embrace characters of color as both the main and secondary characters. 

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