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REVIEW: Heartbreaker Handoff by Lex Martin


I CanNOT BELIEVE HE JUST SAID something you will find yourself applying to many of the men in this book, at many times in the book. Sometimes you'll think it in an amusing way and sometimes you'll be so pissed you'll want to rage throw the book. Putting that aside, I enjoyed Roxy and Billy's story. These two were secondary characters in previous books in the series and, of course, I've been curious about them and who they'd end up with. 

Between Billy and Roxy, you couldn't have two nicer characters. They are genuinely good people who care about the people around them and try to do their best by them, which includes helping each other out. She needs a fake boyfriend and he needs to appear to be settled down and so why not each other? It doesn't hurt that they're both attracted to each other, like each other, and would actually like to date. As they get to know each other and fall for each other, their story gets sweeter and sweeter. Of course there are moments (see my first sentence), but honestly, the angsty bits were not too torturous and made their HEA that much sweeter. 

As I've said all along, this series is like catnip for me--this single parent/surprise pregnancy trope is, for some crazy reason, my jam and I can't stop won't stop.



Billy’s not my baby daddy, but he doesn’t mind pretending to be…

I’m a Division 1 cheerleader with hopes of becoming a sports broadcaster. None of my plans for college include getting knocked up by a cheating ex who just got engaged to another girl.

When my father finds out I’m pregnant, he goes ballistic. That’s when my BFF, bad boy Billy Babcock, comes to my rescue and agrees to “take responsibility.”

Billy and I solidify our contract on a napkin—he’ll pretend to be my baby’s father, and I’ll help him clean up his image. The only problem is my father, the football coach, hates Billy. He warned me off dating players a long time ago, and he thinks Billy’s the biggest player out there.

Now that we’re in a “relationship,” Billy thinks we should spend some quality naked time together, but I’m worried about crossing that line. Because athletic guys with big muscles, intricate tattoos, and sexy smirks are my biggest weakness, and Billy ticks off all those boxes.

Can my football player “boyfriend” walk the straight and narrow for me? Or did I just get handed off from one heartbreaker to another?

* * *

Heartbreaker Handoff is an angsty, friends-to-lovers, forbidden romance featuring a sassy cheerleader, who’s about to be a single mother, and a criminally charming football player determined to prove he’s the man for her, one sizzling kiss at a time. Heartbreaker Handoff is a dual POV standalone in the USA Today-bestselling series Varsity Dads.

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