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REVIEW: Rainfall by Alison Rhymes



Admittedly, I'm very out of the loop in the current book world. Between work and teenage daughters and chemo brainfog, I have been just snagging books when I see them being posted online by someone else...not even knowing to anticipate them because I'm just in a different realm of my life many days. All that to say that when I saw Alison Rhyme's had a new novel that looked like the beginnings of a new series, I quickly grabbed it and dug in.

Rainfall is the beginnings of a new series, I think? It features all new characters and a new sport, hockey. It also features one of my favorite tropes--the secret baby trope. I should also forewarn you, as I can see that many reviewers have a *thing* about cheating, that there's definitely that too. In the case of Isla and Cillian, they meet because he's a player in her father's junior hockey league, they fall in love as teenagers, and when he eventually gets drafted into the NHL, things go wrong. There's long distance, a shady girl situation, and then a shut down of communication when things go terribly terribly wrong. Fast forward to several years later and Cillian has been moved to Isla's dad's professional NHL team and that's when all the secrets and lies are revealed.

I know that the tropes, the decisions and consequences, and overall not great choices are not everyone's cup of tea and I get it. I think for me it was how they went about fixing things that I found interesting and laudable. I don't that I could be as forgiving as either of them, given the situation...but then again I can hold a grudge like it's my job, when I really feel like it. If all of this sounds appealing, grab Rainfall and get to know these characters. I found it to be entertaining and an escape from all the things that trouble me in the world and I'm looking forward to what she does next with this series and these characters. 



I met the love of my life at ten years old.

At sixteen, I gave him my heart.

Three years later he was drafted to the NHL and moved across the country.

Five years after, he’s back. And he’s meeting his daughter for the first time.

I still hate him.

Even if my heart says that’s a lie.


At ten years old, she changed my life.

At sixteen, I told her I loved her.

Three years after, I left and broke her heart.

Five years later, I’m coming back home to the surprise of my life.

I hate her for it.

Even though my brain says this is all my fault.

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