Tuesday, December 26, 2023

REVIEW: Too Good to be True by Kristen Ashley



I love it when the writers I adore do something a little unexpected and while I know this isn't KA's first go around with the supernatural, this is the first of her supernatural works I've read. And truth be told, it isn't all that supernatural as it is alarming that such strange things are happening in this remote estate house in England.

Daphne and her stepmother have been invited to Duncroft to meet Daphne's sister's new beau. We quickly learn that Daphne and her sister, Portia, have a sometimes antagonistic relationship because of the way their father has set up their trust funds. We also learn that Lou, the stepmom, is also not a favorite of Daphne's sister and so before they've even arrived to Duncroft, we're primed for some tense and/or awkward moments. And sure enough, from the second they arrive, it's realllll uncomfortable. Portia's boyfriend's parents are distant and cold, the boyfriend is flighty, and there seems to be something off about the house (other than the rumors of it being haunted).

As the story progresses, we meet Daphne's soon to be love interest, Ian, get to know more about the ancestors who have come to some terrible endings (and some who have some epic love stories). We get to know Ian, Mr. Hottie, and we get to see the one dimensional characters who are his parents turn into more nuanced people than originally portrayed.

There are suspicious activities that abound and the closer we get to answers, the more intense things become between the characters. Things around the house are mysterious and cause tension, just as Ian and Daphne are becoming more intimate...learning who they are, what they like, and how they handle things when things go awry. 

Fun read that will have you flipping pages to get to the bottom of what, exactly, is going on.


Heiress Daphne Ryan is uncertain about spending a week at the sprawling country estate of the family of her sister’s boyfriend. For starters, she doesn’t get along with her sister. Then there’s the fact his family is old, wealthy aristocracy, and Daphne’s from brash, new American money.

Mostly, it’s that everyone knows Duncroft House is haunted by the ghost of a 1920s film star who died there. Deemed an accident, for nearly a century, people are sure it was murder.

Daphne doesn’t like scary things, say…haunted houses. She likes it less when strange things start happening to her when she arrives.

But she finds she has a surprising ally.

Ian Alcott, the heir to the earldom, is rich, gorgeous and just as concerned about the frightening things that keep befalling Daphne at his ancestral family home. As he moves to protect her, Daphne finds he’s also funny, kind and sexy as hell.

Indeed, he just might be too good to be true.

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