Monday, August 7, 2023

REVIEW: Accidentally in Love by Danielle Jackson


Accidentally in Love is the story of Sam and Russ; she's an assistant at a growing photography studio and he's on the cusp of going to NYC for culinary school. Sam and Russ run in the same social circles and all of their friends are desperate for them to date or fling or just try something beyond friendship. Russ is one thousand percent down for any or all of that and Sam is a little more reticent. She's coming off some personal things she's dealing with and doesn't know if she's ready to involve him all of that, little does she know that he's carrying some heavy stuff too. Throughout the novel we get to know both of them and see them explore their private inner worlds, wondering (and sometimes agonizing) over what comes next --both in their romantic lives and their professional ones. 

Accidentally in Love has it lighter moments full of humor and snark, but it definitely lingers on deeper things too. Sam and Russ are going through it and Danielle Jackson makes sure we see it all. Admittedly there were parts of this novel that dragged a little, I think because it seemed like Russ and Sam were covering the same ground over and over again and not making progress (for a while) and I was eager to see them move forward. Once it got going, though, it moved and it was rewarding to see exactly how they ended up. 

Even though this is releasing close to when my summer ends, it feels like a good summer read-light in some places, thoughtful, and a very satisfying ending.


When Sam is stuck sharing the streets for Chicago’s summer festivals with a man she can’t stand, she’ll find it’s often a bumpy road that leads to love….
As office manager of the city’s leading luxury boudoir and pinup photography studio, lovable grump Samantha Sawyer has everything under control. With an eventful summer season on the horizon, Sam is balancing a hectic workload while preparing the Buxom Boudoir “Photobus,” a vintage coach bus converted into a mobile photobooth and meeting space, to make the rounds at Chicago’s bustling summer street festival roster. Sam’s busy schedule makes avoiding the difficult parts of her life much easier, but there’s one person who can see right through her to-do lists and icy façade, really see 
A lot has changed in the last year for Russell Montgomery. Years of odd jobs and couch surfing around the country had left him scrambling, but after reconnecting with his brother, Reid (and coming as close to settling down as he’s ever been), Russ now works at a hot local restaurant. Russ has been welcomed into his newly engaged brother’s circle of friends—all except a close friend and coworker of Reid’s fiancée, an intriguingly stormy woman named Sam.
Luckily, Sam is certain that the chaos of her calendar will ensure their distance, and she won’t have to deal with Russ or his irritating, handsome smile. But when Russ is charged with the launch of a restaurant food truck for the festival circuit, the sizzling Chicago heat is no match for the fire between them….



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