Monday, July 24, 2023

REVIEW: Finally Mine by Lucy Score


I'll be honest, I saw some reviews before I read Finally Mine and I was prepared for some really graphic on the page violence and domestic abuse based on the adamantly opposed to this book reviewers, so I steeled myself and hesitantly started reading. While there was definitely violence and allusion to domestic assaults, this was not the horror show I steeled myself for. The main character, Gloria, is a survivor and she's building herself back to full strength after a decade of horror that she lived through. Her story is not one I'd wish on anyone but Lucy Score gives Gloria a new life filled with love and laughter and hope and family. She also gives her one hell of a counterpart in Aldo-a man dealing with his own demons but also a man completely smitten with Gloria, who is kind and gentle and funny and wonderful. If you read Pretend You're Mine you already know a lot of their story, but this time around you get it through their eyes and with more of the ins and outs of how it all actually happens. 

In my opinion, Finally Mine isn't meant to be a full exploration of the recovery of your life after domestic abuse or losing a limb in war, and if you were reading it for that then I can see why some of the reviewers weren't happy with some of the depictions or the way certain things went down. I see this novel as one that shows what might be possible for someone who has lived through either of those things; it gives lighthearted fun and sweet romance to two people/characters who wanted desperately to know a life that wasn't defined by those things anymore. And in that, I see success and happiness and hope for an HEA for us all. 


f he doesn't end up naked and spread eagle on my bed I. Will. Die.

Gloria is due a happily ever after. She's lost ten years to a toxic, dangerous relationship. Now that she's finally free—and medicating with makeovers and margaritas in her mother's kitchen—she has a long road ahead of her remembering who she really is. She's scarred. But scarred doesn't mean broken.

While Gloria's deciding to take the next decade off from men, along comes larger-than-life, hometown hero Aldo Moretta. He's saying all the right things and flirting in all the right ways. He's deploying for six months and wants a date...with Gloria...when he comes back. Swoon. Panic.

One kiss, one dazzling, remember-for-a-lifetime kiss and he's gone. But life and happily ever afters don't always take the straight path. When Aldo's deployment is cut short by an injury, it's up to Gloria to be the hero for them both.

Author's Note: You will laugh, cry, and fall head over face for Gloria and Aldo. And the evil rescue kitten. Also the four-letter-word-loving, commando-going Mrs. Moretta who's just in it for the cookies.


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