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REVIEW: Deconstructing Delilah by Alison Rhymes


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Do you need to read the previous releases of Alison Rhymes to be able to follow along with Deconstructing Delilah? No, not really. Do I think you'll have a more enhanced understanding of the main character? I do. In this novel we get to know more about the mysterious Pope and really get to know Lorelai's cousin, Delilah. This is their unconventional love story.  As I've come to expect in this series, there's a societal issue (or issues) that one of the characters must delve into for their own safety or peace o mind, there's steamy chemistry between characters, and there's the push and pull between them until they manage to get the balance right. 

In the case of Delilah and Pope, she's seeking to understand the world and he's seeking to protect her from certain aspects of it. As they get to know each other, she becomes more intrigued by him and he does his best to keep her at arm's length. Years progress and the next time we see them, Delilah has become more confident in herself and her world view...and yet still cannot stop thinking about Pope. Apparently he can't stop thinking about her either. While it would be easy to say that she's the innocent and he's the typical alpha male, they are more than that. She's more than some simpleton and he ends up showing us that he's more than some tough guy that likes to bark orders. And the more time they spend together, you learn about their nuances, their fears, and the things that make them feel vulnerable and afraid.  

I enjoyed the evolution of their relationship, especially as Delilah makes demands and dictates how she wants her life to be, something of a surprise to Pope. I also really enjoyed that Alison Rhymes really knows her way around my beloved New Orleans. So many people like to use it as a simple prop, but our city is so much richer and complicated than that. It's not just happy tourists, or rampant crime, or seedy underbelly, or food and music--it's all of those things and then some and Rhymes does a good job of showing her off in all of her complexities.

If you're an Alison Rhymes fan, I think you'll really enjoy this one and if you're new to her, what are you waiting for? Jump in and see why so many can't wait for her next new release.  


A modern-day retelling of Samson and Delilah… As the son of a preacher, Pope Blackwell believed he learned the difference between good and evil early in life. After all, it was beaten into him regularly. Now as an adult, he’s traded in his life of abuse for one where he holds all the power.

When a young woman strolls into his life full of more bravery than she should possess, he becomes consumed by her fire.

Although a world of differences stands between them-Faith. Experience. Age.

His obsession only grows the more she challenges him until he’s ready to topple any pillar that stands in her way.

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Alison lives somewhere in the shadow of a Pacific Northwest Mountain, bordered by the Puget Sound, and not too far from the country roads she grew up on. 

When she’s not writing, she can be found avidly reading, traveling with youthful wanderlust, or slowly turning the inside of her home into her own personal houseplant jungle. 


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