Monday, May 1, 2023

REVIEW: Pas De Don't by Chloe Angyal


Some of my favorite authors are raving about this novel so, of course, when I had the chance to read it, I didn't hesitate. Pas De Don't follows the stories of Heather Hays, a world renown professional ballerina, and Marcus Campbell, a member of an Australian ballet company who's recovering from a potentially career ending injury. Heather ends up in Australia as a visiting performer after her cheating former dance partner makes her life in New York miserable; she needs a breather and a chance to regroup and show the world that she's the fantastic dancer she always has been--not her ex-fiance's pity choice as a partner. Meanwhile, Marcus is just hoping to get back on stage to show himself that he can still be the dancer he knows he can be, despite a year of being off the stage and in active injury recovery. 

Heather and Marcus get thrown together when the director of the ballet company has Marcus show Heather around Sydney on her first few days in town. Within in minutes the chemistry between these two is evident and their struggle to not acknowledge it was huge. It seems obvious why them acting upon their lust is not a great idea, right? She's coming off a terrible break up. She's not going to be there long. And if things go wrong, all hell could break loose--making things uncomfortable for everyone. But even more than that, their boss has made it clear to all members of the company that romantic relationships are not allowed and anyone engaging with them will be immediately fired. A no-brainer, right? Apparently not. 

These two try to resist and despite the high stakes of getting found out, they decide to sneak around. They come up with a plan that will keep everyone in the dark and as happy as they are, there's also an undercurrent of tension. If they get caught, the damage to their careers would be unthinkable. He could lose his livelihood and her reputation could be in tatters. And yet. The pull between these two is just magnetic and they cannot, for the life of them, resist it. They lie, sneak, and live in a bubble of happiness until the bubble bursts and all hell breaks loose. 

Pas De Don't had humor, passion, and interesting commentary on work place harassment. The secondary characters and plot enhanced the primary plot and helped provide that little something extra and the pacing made reading this so easy, I felt like I was done before I even started. 


Heather Hays finally has everything she's worked for—she was promoted principal dancer and is engaged to her forever crush, ballet royalty Jack Andersen. But after Jack is caught cheating, Heather's near-perfect life comes crashing down. Determined to prove that she rose to the top on her own merits, she accepts a guest position from the only company that will hire her without Jack: the Australian National Ballet.

There she meets Marcus Campbell, who has had the most hellish year imaginable. When he shredded his Achilles tendon onstage, he lost every chance of his dad seeing him perform before he passed away. Marcus has spent the months since in physical therapy, worrying he'll be too old to dance by the time he's fully recovered. Now he's supposed to play tour guide for the company's new arrival.

But as they tour Sydney together, Heather and Marcus discover an immediate mutual attraction—one they absolutely cannot act oc. ANB has a strict no-dating policy, and even a hint of romance could cost them both their jobs.

Still, Heather has followed the rules her whole life . . . maybe it's time to break one.

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