Tuesday, April 4, 2023

REVIEW: Just a Fling by Katherine Grace



Honestly, this cover wasn't the thing that grabbed me; it was the synopsis that reminded me of those early New Adult romance days of our blog. It looked like it had that love-hate that can really make things entertaining. So while the cover wasn't doing it for me, the two for one story really did. 

The story of Dawn and Callan starts in present day--a year after they had an intense summer love affair--and all we know is that something went terribly wrong and Dawn is a bundle of hurt and angry feelings. We quickly learn that Callan carries a lot of guilt and continuing infatuation of Dawn and when he initiates contact, things get tense very fast. After one really heated and angry/sad exchange, we get flung into the backstory, hence the two for one story. 

A vast majority of the midsection of this novel shows us the story of how Dawn and Callan met while she was studying abroad in Oxford. Their attraction is instant and what starts as a fun fling-y type thing, it slides into a thing that has growing feelings, much to their consternation. Dawn is really into the idea of continuing the relationship, though hesitant to bring it up due to Callan's weirdness about certain things. And Callan tries very hard to be in denial that this is anything but a fling even though it's glaringly obvious that he cares for her...is probably in love with her but cannot let go of his tragic past to see a future with anyone, including Dawn.

Once we get that story, we return to present day where we understand, now, why she's so pissed and he's so flaky. It seems like normally, this would be where their story zooms to a quick conflict/resolution but Katherine Grace gives us even more story...and I'm really glad she did; I wasn't ready for their story to end. Their present day story isn't any less complicated, though they try to make it easy, and before you know it, they are saying hurtful things and we're back to hurt feelings and silence. All of that builds to a final scene that finally gives these two the happiness they so desperately deserve. 

I really enjoyed Just a Fling and am looking forward to the next book in what looks to be a series (maybe Gemma's next?). I appreciated the time and space Katherine Grace gave her characters to allow them to develop. 

A great weekend read.

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A Modern Second-Chance Romance
Law student Dawn Mathison's steamy summer romance with solar developer Callan Marlowe is just a fling...until it isn't. Swept off her feet-and into lots of different positions-by the sexy Brit, Dawn believes Callan is The One...right until he dumps her. But that was last summer. Now, she is living her dream with a kick-ass job in New York City and couldn't care less about Callan. Not one bit. 

allan left Dawn broken-hearted, confused, and pissed-off. But, dammit, he doesn't do serious relationships. Not after his past. It doesn't matter anyway because he'll never see Dawn again. Which is for the best. 

When a twist of fate brings Callan back into Dawn's life-and into her office-their sizzling attraction reignites. Maybe this time around, they won't get too serious. But fate has a sense of humor. Because Callan thinks Dawn is The One who can help him. And maybe turn their hot affair into something more?

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