Monday, September 19, 2022

REVIEW: How the Wallflower was Won by Eva Leigh



Who knew I loved the whole marriage of convenience trope as much as I am? In the case of How the Wallflower was Won, Eva Leigh throws together two seemingly opposite characters, Finn and Tabitha, and almost immediately the sparks fly (despite their ongoing denial). He needs a wife in order to keep his friends and himself on the family bankroll; she needs a husband to be considered for an influential society club that has a powerful hand in politics and legislation. While they weren't originally meant for each other, they end up together and really are the perfect match, despite what their stubborn and intrusive thoughts say. For most of the novel they both fight the deep emotion that they feel for each other, which of course makes you want to shake them, but when they finally get it together, it's so very sweet. 

Eva Leigh is still a new to me author and I'm finding that her characters and their dilemmas always keep me interested, entertained, and looking for the next read.



USA TODAY bestselling author Eva Leigh continues her Last Chance Scoundrels series with a steamy romance between two opposites—a rogue with a taste for wagers and a bookish wallflower—who marry for convenience... but neither bet on falling in love.

Finn Ransome is an expert on Lady Luck, which is why he refuses to take a chance on love. Experience has taught him that he’s happier at a gaming table than around people he will, inevitably, disappoint. However, the clock is ticking on his father’s matrimonial demands. But the only woman to catch his eye is a bluestocking who would never consider a rogue like him.

After a disastrous first Season, Tabitha Seaton decided to focus on books instead of ballrooms. She hopes to join the Sterling Society, a collective of the most brilliant, influential minds in London. Except, they will never admit an unmarried lady. Now Tabitha needs a husband, and a notorious, handsome gambler may be her best bet.

Finn and Tabitha are opposites who have no intention of wagering on a love match, and a calculated marriage of convenience solves all their problems—with no risk to their hearts. Once married, however, their potent attraction boils over into a deep passion that neither expected. When a painful mistake drives the new lovers apart, Finn will risk it all to prove a scoundrel and a wallflower are a winning pair...

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