Tuesday, January 4, 2022

REVIEW: The Good Lie by A.R. Torre


I love that Alessandra Torre can write all the things. You want a romcom? She's got it. Some smut? Yep. A twisty romance? Uh huh. Suspense? Yessss. The Good Lie is a suspenseful read that follows a psychiatrist and a lawyer whose one night together expands into months of a working relationship as they try to uncover who is behind a series of horrific murders. It's one of those novels that you start and the next thing you know hours have passed without you moving. At first, I think I was curious about Gwen, then it was Gwen + Robert, Gwen + her clients + Robert + her profile, and thennnnn I just had to know the who and the how and the why and so I decided sleep could wait because I wasn't going to stop reading until I got to the very last page. 

I love when a novel surprises me because it seems like it's really rare these days that that happens, and The Good Lie definitely surprised me, in the best possible way.

BUY IT: https://amzn.to/3ziUWgg

SYNOPSIS: Six teens murdered. A suspect behind bars. A desperate father. In a case this shadowy, the truth is easy to hide.

Psychiatrist Dr. Gwen Moore is an expert on killers. She’s spent a decade treating California’s most depraved predators and unlocking their motives―predators much like the notorious Bloody Heart serial killer, whose latest teenage victim escaped and then identified local high school teacher Randall Thompson as his captor. The case against Thompson as the Bloody Heart Killer is damning―and closed, as far as Gwen and the media are concerned. If not for one new development…

Defense attorney Robert Kavin is a still-traumatized father whose own son fell prey to the BH Killer. Convinced of Thompson’s innocence, he steps in to represent him. Now Robert wants Gwen to interview the accused, create a psych profile of the killer and his victims, and help clear his client’s name.

As Gwen and Robert grow closer and she dives deeper into the investigation, grave questions arise. So does Gwen’s suspicion that Robert is hiding something―and that he might not be the only one with a secret.

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