Thursday, July 16, 2020


I've been wanting to read these last two books in this series for a while now. I finally found a teeny tiny break in my reading and I decided to go for it. I finished both Absorbed and Consumed in ONE DAY. day. 

I'll start with Absorbed--it was a super quick read because it's a novella. It's told from Lucas and Kylie's POV and it fills in the gap between the end of Devoured and the beginning of Consumed. I think it's an absolute MUST read in this series. It helped me appreciate Lucas so much more AND it gave me a few interesting tidbits about Kylie too. I found it to be a very satisfactory read. 

Consumed was not as angsty as I thought it would be. There are definitely some points when I felt a little concerned about how Lucas and Sienna would work it all out but I just knew they HAD to. Before we could get to that HEA we had to deal with Cilla and Sam and groupies..and they definitely caused trouble in their own special and unique ways. (SO FRUSTRATING!)

But more than all of that drama, it was about Lucas earning the trust of Sienna and Sienna being willing to be open to their relationship. I was happy to see that Emily Snow didn't create too much drama or unnecessary stunts to try to break them up and put them back together again. There were a few hiccups but none of it made me want to kill that's good, right?

I'm not really sure what I expected but I am happy that I read the rest of this series. I'd say from start to finish, the entire series would be in the 3.5- 4 STAR range. There were a few typos and sometimes it was a little flat but I'm very glad that I finished it and would tell anyone who started the first book that this definitely felt good to finish.


Rock star Lucas Wolfe is used to getting his way, and when he meets the wardrobe assistant hired for his band’s newest video shoot, he wants her: preferably stripped down and bound to his bed. From the moment Sienna Jensen first obediently whispers “Yes, Mr. Wolfe,” he knows she’s perfect for him.

Now, he has three days to convince her…but he doesn’t plan on taking no for an answer.

Set two years before the events of Devoured, the novella All Over You tells the dark, sexy story of Sienna and Lucas’s first encounter.

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