Monday, June 29, 2020

REVIEWS: Royal Playboy + Playboy's Heart by Nana Malone


Nana Malone's, a new to us author, Royal Playboy was a fun escape from the everyday and ordinary. The first page grabbed my attention and I remained glued to the story of Imani and Xander. Their unusual beginning and then the way they fell in lust and love were a throwback to the early days of the romance community's resurgence. He was a rich, alpha playboy. She was a struggling, strong artist. He had a reputation of being a bad boy. She wasn't looking for a romance. Both had pasts that threatened to haunt them, even as they were actively trying to move past them. And somehow, someway, they found each other. Their chemistry was off the charts and their banter and affection for each other was warm and endearing. Throw a little bit of a mysterious opening scene, and I was completely hooked. So much so that I immediately grabbed book two (thank goodness it was already out).


Vengeance is best served piping hot.
Prodigal Son. Black Sheep. Playboy Prince.
I've been called lots of things. Merciful is not one of them.
It doesn’t matter what you call me, as long as I get what I want…
What I crave.

And it’s not the crown.

She is the Princess I didn’t see coming. The one I didn’t plan for.
Until her, women came easy.
Until her, I wasn't sure I had a heart. Now that I know, I'll give up anything to have her...
Well…almost anything.



In the second book of this duet, Playboy's Heart, the action picks up right where the first book ended. It continued with their storyline and did what I normally expect the second book in a duet to do: answer questions and entertain me with plot, characters, and romance. Then I got to a point where I realized that my inexperience with Malone's other novel series had me a little lost. I muddled my way through it but I hadn't really understood the "royal" aspect of it and who some of the characters were. Had I read the other novels that have characters connected to the Chase family, I think I would've really enjoyed the last part. 

My only other quibble was that sometimes the dialogue went too long without any exposition and it just messed with the way I read (this is a ME thing...probably most readers wouldn't care at all). 

Even with the few little things that didn't always work for me, I wholly enjoyed this duet and look forward to reading more Nana Malone. I love that she writes diverse characters who are complex and well written and it's something I'm betting I will find in her other works.

All in all, a good read and a new author I'll be reading more of!


The Playboy Prince has lost his princess…

The hell I have.
It took me this long to find her, so I’m not letting her go without a fight.

Everyone will know just how far I’m willing to go for love.
Just how far I’m willing to go for…her.

As it turns out, love is a stronger motivator than vengeance.


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