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EXCERPT: The Wallace Girl by Eliot Scott

Check out this excerpt from The Feud Series by Eliot Scott! Don't forget to add it to your TBR! PLUS, you can pre-order The Wallace Girl on Nook and iBooks NOW for #99cents!


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The Feud Series: The Wallace Girl & The Sinclair Heir
A steamy adult romance saga
By Eliot Scott
(Eliot Scott is the writing duo of bestselling authors Anne MacFarlane-Eliot and Ginger Scott)

* The Feud Series is an adult/coming-of-age, enemies-to-lovers romance and contains mature themes not suitable for readers under 18*

Alex hasn’t run away. Not yet. His brow crinkles and his gaze lowers away from my face when I stop only inches away from him. “We’re Wallaces…Sinclairs…oil and water. Enemies. You can’t love me, Jojo. It’s impossible. After what I’ve done, you can’t.”

“We aren’t enemies, Alex. We never were, and I don’t care what you’ve done.” My hand reaches slowly toward his heart. I press my fingers against him until my palm is flat on his white t-shirt, and my breath hitches with hope when he doesn’t pull away.

“That ring you gave me had a promise attached to it. The lure you gave me says forever.” I peer up at him, his height always so much more than mine, and my tongue dashes out to lick my bottom lip. “I’m here for that.”

His eyes are locked on my lips. I pull my bottom lip between my teeth, my mouth curving a hint of a smile as I shake my head, adding, “You once swore you loved me more than the sun. I know you still do. And I know it has to mean a lot to you that I never, ever stopped loving you.”

I place both hands against his chest, and I feel his thundering heart. Alex’s moan rumbles deep and near his heart before it escapes his lips along with my name.


Alex’s hands wrap around my wrists in an instant as though he means to tear my hands away from his heart, but instead, he just holds them, locking me to him. His eyes grow dark, and I can see the demons battling with the angels behind them.

“How you kissed me that night. How I kissed you back. Do you remember? Please, Alex. We’re both so tired, and my body hurts as much as yours does. Just kiss me, take me back to your bed, and let’s wash it all away. Please. ”

A hate that spans generations.
A brutal fight over who owns the land, who controls the water, and who can destroy the most lives.
A love doomed from its very beginning.

When Alex Sinclair first spots JoJo Wallace on the shores of his favorite lake, he doesn’t know about his family’s sordid past and how it weaves in and out of the Wallace line. He doesn’t know that she’s the girl who will own his heart completely. And he can’t imagine the torture he’ll be forced to put her through and the poison he’ll unleash.

She’s a spitfire soul with wild auburn hair—a girl that will haunt his dreams and rule his future. He’ll do unspeakable things, and the consequences will have the power to end a century-long feud.

To end her.

But JoJo was born just a little different than the other Wallace men and women. She was born to love big and see all that’s good—the good in Alex. And when she comes back to take what’s hers in the wake of Alex’s father’s death, she’s no longer the innocent, na├»ve girl the Sinclairs
have long underestimated. She’s a fighter.

And she isn’t leaving until she ends it all—for good.

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