Tuesday, August 14, 2018

NOW LIVE: Trick Play by Max Monroe

*Television and film producers have been contacting us anxiously in anticipation of buying the rights for Trick Play: The Screenplay. We're not sure how they got the script, or even the original book manuscript, but we expect a vicious bidding war to ensue shortly.
**There are currently no talks for the distribution of Trick Play for the big screen. But after seeing how good we are on camera, we're certain they'll be contacting us shortly. We're also sure they'll try to cast us as actors.
***There's no way they'll cast us as actors.
****We're far too important* to the production process.
*****Important*= Detrimental
******We can't believe you read this many disclaimers. Thank you for your loyalty.

    TOUR WIDE GIVEAWAY (goes live 8/14 at 8am EST): https://goo.gl/739dwL

    TRICK PLAY SPOTIFY PLAYLIST: https://goo.gl/Nf4T8A


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