Monday, September 4, 2017

August 2017 Favorites

I'm not going to sugarcoat it; being back in teaching mode is KICKING MY ASS. I'm not reading anywhere near as many books as I was (which is so depressing) and I'm tired. The good news is I have fantastic students this year. The bad news is .... really not bad news, I'm just longing to read and grade less. August was a month of adjustment but in the midst of that, we found some really fantastic reads. If these look good to you, click on the image and read more on Amazon.

Fallen Heir by Erin Watt --"With glimpses of Ella and Reed, Easton and Savannah, Lauren (don't even get me started on her. OMG.) and the twins, Fallen Heir is a novel that has me thirsty for more." (Our Review)

Wish You Were Here by Renee Carlino -- "Renee Carlino knew better than me and Helen and Chucky and the parents and allowed Charlotte to have the journey she absolutely need to have. And what a journey it was--it was quirky and funny and enlightening; it was sweet and sad and joyful...and at times frustrating. It was exactly what I needed and I didn't even know I needed it. Isn't that the best?" (Our Review)

Illegal Contact by Santino Hassell-- " ...very single time I pick up a new novel of his, I can't help feeling compelled to speed to the finish as I'm simultaneously putting the brakes on to slow down and savor every chapter. Everything I read of his solidifies that something I've known since the first novel I read of his and that's this: I will buy, read, and rave about anything he writes, no matter the genre or the topic." (Our Review)

Crave pt. 1 by E.K. Blair -- "You guys. Grab this book if you want a book that tackles something fairly taboo in the realm of teen characters, if you want to read about two characters who are dealing with some family issues and yet can somehow not let those be barriers to finding love in each other, if you want to read about a really good portrayal of guys and girls being actual friends, and if you want to feel some things...especially in the last parts of this novel. " ( Our Review)

So Good by Nicola Rendell-- "Nicola Rendell, how do you keep doing it? You keep one upping yourself and as one of vast numbers of readers on the receiving end of your talent, I have to say THANK YOU. So Good  continues your reign as a Queen of Comedy. " (Our Review)

You guys, it was hard to pick favorites this month; we ended up leaving a ton off the list that were really really good (check out our side bar for all of our August reviews). We think this list gives you a nice selection to choose from. Enjoy and happy reading!

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