Sunday, December 4, 2016

November 2016 Favorites

This months favorites features a wide range of choice and I think many readers in romanceland could find something they'd like. *If you see something you like, you can click on the image and it'll take you to Amazon to purchase of for more information*

Marriage Games by C.D. Reiss and American Queen by Sierra Simone are both first books in a series. Marriage Games is book one of two and it's an intense look at a marriage that's gone south. Both spouse narrate and it'll be so interesting to see how Reiss resolves their issues. American Queen is the first of three books and it's searingly hot. Erotic. It also has a Camelot/fairly tale quality to it and it's very clear that Simone did a lot of research for this series. We are dying to read both of these.

Full Tilt and All In by Emma Scott are both out and so wonderfully emotional. The first novel reached inside my chest and strangled my heart and lungs; the second novel gave me life again. I'm so glad we read them and found a new writer that we love.

Hail Mary by Nicola Rendell is my favorite kind of book--it combines romance and comedy and depth in perfect scale. The dialogue, pacing, and characters are really flawless and we cannot get enough of Nicola Rendell; she's an automatic 1-click writer for us.

Downed by Jen Frederick is our first read in this series and it had us going back and grabbing the other two novels in this series. We not only enjoyed the sassy southern protagonist and her broody project in Downed, we really liked the scenes in the locker room and on the field--it was evident that Frederick's love of football matched ours and the attention to detail was much appreciated. 

Next month we'll be sharing all of our favorites from the year and discussing some of the things we're looking forward to. In the meantime, enjoy the month and your reading!

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