Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Gone Girl 

So Courtney, I can see through our messages back and forth on Twitter that we need to take a time out...a breather, if you will, to talk about Gone Girl. Where to begin? For me it started out slow and I don't think I fully appreciated all the attention to detail because I was eager for the action; but, now I can see that this story is going to unravel slowly and I'm really enjoying the little trail of breadcrumbs Gillian Flynn is leaving us.

Some things I am pondering: THE LIES!!! What are the lies and why is he lying? WHY. IS. HE. LYING? I'm very suspicious of Mr. Nick Dunne but surely it can't be that easy. He can't be the culprit of whatever the crime is, can he?? Or...can he?!!

And little Miss Amy. Why didn't she ever just speak her mind? Why all the filtering of reactions in her brain? Why all the trying to be the perfect wife? I just want to shake her and tell her that it is okay to nag, to be mad, to have inappropriate responses to your husband. He's your HUSBAND...if you can't be yourself with him, than WHO can you be yourself with?

The family members on both sides: WEIRDOS.

And the sick 40-something volunteer who hits on Nick while they are searching for Amy. GROSS.

As you can see, Courtney, this novel has me all sorts of riled up (in a good way) and I cannot wait to hear what you are thinking.

Shelley! So! I just got caught up to you! Here we go! 

The detail is the reason I was glad that we are reading this slowly together. I just knew that it was going to take a little more "effort" if you will, to get into and stick with it. I am so glad we did! We're what - 28% in, and there are sssoooooo many questions that have been unveiled it's not even funny. 

The hook for me was at the end of "chapter 5" (there aren't really chapters, just altering viewpoints), and he said "It was my fifth lie to the police. I was just starting." HELLO! I wasn't aware that any lying was going on! I will repeat: WHY. IS. HE. LYING!! The fact that this weirdo can remember that is really something. I also think it might be way too easy for him to be the kidnapper, but his weird facial expressions at inopportune moments and overall inappropriate reactions to any and all emotion really isn't shedding him in a good light. 

The altering viewpoints are really taking me on an emotional roller coaster. He makes me think "Oh, he's not so bad. That's why he did that," until he thinks something creepy. Amy's past thoughts make me feel bad for her so I'm like a spectator at a tennis match with the back and forth whiplash of feelings. 

Nick's sister Go is creepy. We haven't seen a lot of her in the last little while, so I am wondering if there is something to that. Amy's parents are weird too and clearly messed her up with their children's stories based on "Amazing Amy" making her the perfect daughter. 

I am focusing in right now (and I am THE WORST at guessing endings of anything really, just ask my husband) on the anniversary scavenger hunts. I think we have to pay special attention to those...Just Sayin'! 

That little conversation with the weird lady that hits on him is going to bite him on the butt hard core later. 

**Read along! Let us know what you think! We'll be back at about 50% for another **PAUSE** in the story for some reflection. Maybe you'll be sending some "WHOA!" messages too! 



  1. I was bored with the book and just when I was about to give up it turned around and became, well, damn good!

    New follower. This is my FF

  2. I was the same way. Got to page 17 and quit for over 2 months...Glad I picked it back up now!

  3. well...your blog's name is very scary HAHAHAHA

    new follower

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